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A Review On: HiSoundAudio Popo

HiSoundAudio Popo

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Pros: In your face bass, Wood looks sexy

Cons: lack of mids and sound leakage


Hey guys.

This is my personal thoughts on the POPO IEM from Hisoundaudio.


Now lets get to the review.


Overall score:

Sound Quality : 7/10

Bass Quality   : 7/10

Bass Impact    : 10/10

Mids               : 6/10

Highs              : 8/10

Sound Stage    : 9/10

Build Quality    : 7/10

Leakage           : a lot for an IEM

Accesories      : 8/10

Sound Quality

The most important factor when it comes to equipment like IEM's and headphones.

I am very supprised of the sound quality for its price($89)

. Has a broad sound stage but has a lot of punch to it as well.

You cant go wrong for this price. But I would say that these IEM's are for bassheads. (which I am)


Bass Quality & Impact

The quality and clarity of the bass is not that high, but I can say that it has a lot of impact. Sounds like you have a subwoofer in your ears. So I would say that these are for fun listening rather than detailed listening. I assume the venting is causing this bass to boom but is also lowering that clarity at the same time.


The mids are nothing special because it is more of a bass emphasized IEM. (which goes the same for most bass heavy IEMS) But there is enough clarity and quantity for me.


The highs are preatty decent. Has a decent amount of quality and shines.


Sound stage is preatty broad for an IEM and a IEM in its price range. Its probably because it is vented on the bottom of the IEM.

Build Quality

Not sure how much these IEM will hold up because I have only used it for a few weeks, but it seems to be ok so far. But since it is lite, I have a feeling that it may break if you use it too roughly.


This is an important factor in Japan. Because people tend to start fights if your sound is leaking on the train or some sort of local transportation. This is what sucks about Japan, so I don't like IEMS that leak a lot, and the POPO IEMs tend to leak because it is vented. Due to the vent, the isolation is not that good as well, even with Comply foam tips


It comes with a lot of eartips which is preatty standard for any IEM now. So Its OK. It also comes with a shirt clip. But it would of been great if they included a case. It says "option" on the package so you might be able to get one if you ask for it.

Conclusion & discount notice

These IEMs are great for its price which is $89. If your a bass head and like to have an IEM with a broad soundstage. this is for you.


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