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A Review On: HiSoundAudio Popo

HiSoundAudio Popo

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Soundstage, Clear Mids, Detail

Cons: Sloppy Bass, Excessive bass,

HiSound POPO Review

I would like to thank HiSound for giving me a pair of these wonderful headphones for review! As always my reviews strive to be as unbiased as possible, and I’m always welcoming suggestions on how to better organize my reviews, so if you have any comments, tips, or advice feel free to comment and let me know!
Packaging and Build

The packaging is very bland, and does not offer much other then protection during shipping. This is one area I think could be improved, seeing as how companies like DUNU which price similarly tend to come with things like carrying pouches. It did luckily come with a package of different sized ear tips, no adapters or carrying cases here though.

So how is the thing built? Well the wood is very aesthetically pleasing and the units themselves are very lightweight and comfortable. They have a very good fit, one of the better that I’ve tried. However one thing that does bother me is that the headphone cable picks up a lot of noise when brushed up against or touched.

One thing that strikes me immediately is that these headphones have a very soundstage width that is both extensive and very controlled. There is depth to some extent but I’ve noticed that depth is often hard for IEMs (In Ear Monitor) to portray and that proves true here too. But they’ve nailed soundstage in my opinion for an IEM in this price range!

These, like the DUNUs, fit into the bass head category of in ear headphones. It sounds to that bass below 80 Hz is boosted and it does not bleed into the midrange at all, which is very pleasing. The bass has nice punch, but leaves a little to be desired in terms of detail. It seems a little punchier then the DUNUs house sound, with less mid bass. This results in improved vocal reproduction.

Were these shine is in the mids and highs, which I think are very tonally correct. Female vocals come through with detail, presence, and warmth. Highs are not sibilant and are very well controlled, they don’t have shimmering detail or an airy feel to them but they are very pleasant and laid back. Frequency response is good, they seem to go down pretty far, not quite as far as they clam I think but pretty good nonetheless, upper frequency is equally well extended.

So do I think they are worth the asking price of $90? (It can be found for less through authorized retailers) Yes I do think its worth the price, the soundstage is most impressive and possibly the best I’ve heard under $100 in the IEM market. In fact I think these are my new favorite in ear headphones that I own. The only thing I want to see changed is I would love to see it include at least a basic carrying case since most people will be using these on the go and for the price they should include something. With that said I can highly recommend these headphones!


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