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Very Competitive at price range Earbuds

A Review On: HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro

HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro

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Pros: Crazy bass, good amount of accessories

Cons: sizing issue (slightly large for my ears), Cable can move into the housing, non tangle free cables

My ratings are /5 in comparison to their cost.



Lows, the lows are definitely the highlight of these earbuds in my opinion. The bass reaches deep and has good impact/volume. For the lows alone i would give these earbuds a 4.5/5



The mids are definately towards the warm sounding side.

They arent overpowered by the bass however feel to blend with them instead.

Otherwise, vocals are clean




The Highs are the bane of these earbuds, due to the strong mids and lows, i feel underwhelmed by the highs of this bud. Overall they were lacking in comparison. Not much to say otherwise.



Misc Pros:

Good amount of accessories, I enjoyed the hardcase and fishbone that came with these.


Misc Cons:

They were too large for my ears causing pain and soreness after 30 minutes or so.



I enjoyed my time with these earbuds. My complains however are they were too large for my ears so I didn't have much of a chance to just close my eyes and enjoy music for too long with them. However, if they fit the ears, I would definitely recommend these as a gift to get someone started into the world of audio.


Would like to add that it was a pleasure working HiSoundAudio and Jack, they were very prompt on replies and would love to buy from them again in the future.




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