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HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro

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Pros: Good sound stage, long ear bud stem, nice accessories and case

Cons: Fit might be an issue with people with smaller ear opening, no cable slider

I'd like to thank Jack Fu of HiSound Audio for sending me a review sample of both the PAA-1 Pro and the E212. I burned these in for around 20 hours, 



Tested with


Galaxy S3 with PowerAmp & Noozxoide Eizo Rewire, HP 4410S notebook.




  1. PAA-1Pro
  2. Cable clip
  3. 3 pairs of ear bud sleeves
  4. A Nice & functional IEM storage box
  5. Cable manager


Audio Quality



I compared the PAA-1Pro to the following IEM's and ear bud: HiSound E212, Crossroads Bijou3, Generic Sony Ear buds. I unfortunately had a fit issue with the PAA-1Pro as I couldn't get a proper fit and only way to get the proper sound quality was by cupping my hands to my ear and as this is not very practical but this is what I did for the review. My wife on the other had had no fit issues. I feel the burn-in made quite a difference because, out of the box, they sounded just marginally better than my generic ear buds and was not on the level as the E212 without burn-in.


The PAA1-Pro has an overall pleasing sound signature for me in terms of the lows, mids and highs. All were well control and did not overshadow each other. There was a lack of instrument separation but this could be due to the limited burn in (20 hours) I had with them. I'm sure this will change over time as the 20 hours burn in had a difference. The sound stage had more width in it than it had depth. Maybe a 50 hour burn in could change that.


The sound quality of the PAA-1Pro is a lot better that my Sony ear buds but I liked the SQ of the E212 better and compared to the Bijou3, the PAA-1Pro had better wider sound stage but the Bijou3 had a deeper one. The Bijou3 is better in the sub bass section but in every other frequency range, I liked the PAA-1Pro better. I especially liked the highs as it was very clear, detailed and sparkled. There was no fatigue that you normally associate with this type of treble. I was quite impressed with the sound stage. This is the best ear buds I've ever tried out of the 5 I've owned.


I'll rate them as follows: E212>PAA-1Pro>Bijou3>Sony ear buds.




For the asking price of US$49, this is an item of very good value. If you are not into IEM's this is an excellent option to go with.


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