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Quality Product, Bang for Bucks

A Review On: HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro

HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro

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Pros: Comfortable fit, Great bass and Mids don't suffer from bass bleed.

Cons: Non- Tangle Free Cables

HiSound Audio's PAA-1 Pro Review


First off, I'd like to thank Jack from HiSound Audio (HSA) for the sample. Before we proceed further, it's important to note that these were burnt in over 50 hours before the review.







Size of the driver:16mm
impedance:32 OHM
Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level):120db(1khz,1 Vrms)
Frequency response:17-22khz
Earphone Jack :3.5mm
Cable length:119cm

Price: $49 (USD) + Shipping










HiSound has recently changed their package I believe. Package no longer comes in a hard plastic case. Earbuds come with a pair of foam on them. There are two pairs of extra inside the soft pouch. The cable is slightly on the thin side, has a rubbery feel to it; I don't believe they're tangle free. Plug is quite sturdy looking and is a straight 3.5mm one.



Comfort/ Fit/ Ergonomics





The earbuds fitted my ears quite well, but they felt a bit big. I really liked the fact that the earbuds didn't move alot.




Source/Gear Used: RW-AK100

Shall be split into the usual categories:




The lows are very well controlled, very good sound seperation and the bass is pretty punchy.

Lows definitely feel and sound very deep and layered



Slightly forward looking and warm sounding. One thing for sure is that it's behind the Lows. Great thing the mids blend really well with the bass. Vocals sound clean and detailed. Live guitar sounds very realistic too.




Definitely behind the lows and the mids. Wasn't really impressed with the highs to be honest. I felt that there was an overall lacking of the presence of the highs. However, detail and clarity was still good.




I enjoyed my time spent on these buds. Great product by HiSound at a very reasonable price. Bassheads & K-Pop Lovers, if you're looking for a earbud to satisfy your needs, this is definitely one I'd recommend.


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