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HiSoundAudio Paa1 Pro Reviews

Positive Reviews

chili dude96

Good as earbuds go


Pros: Rich Bass

Cons: Too big for my ears, Bad build quality

They really don't fit in my ears as they are too large in diameter. They also leak a lot because of this. They would not work in a public center.   I would say sound wise they are pretty similar to the E212.   Build Quality: There is a lot to be desired here. They do not have nearly as nice a build quality as the E212s. The cord is crappy, and they feel like the cheap earbuds they give you on the plane. Treble: It is rolled off but not that bad. It certainly isn't good for listening to sopranos however. Midrange: Not as effortless as the Sony MH1Cs. Not as warm either. Richer than the E212 Bass: Very comparable to the Sony MH1Cs. It is rich, and loud, but not...
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Negative Reviews


Mainstream earphone


Pros: You get what you paid. The Fish bones

Cons: Not very sturdy, Bloated bass, Confortless, Harsh highs

I'll be short : I was very disappointed when I listened to the PAA1-Pro the first time. I found bloated bass, harsh highs and a typical mainstream V-shaped sound signature. So, I began a hundred hour burn-in and retry it... Nothing changed a lot. Maybe the highs became less harsh but still not what I would call pleasant to my ears. I put them away a time and come back to them after two weeks. Still nothing changed. So, I take my time and passed few weeks with them, switching between different sources like : Sansa Fuze, iPod Classic, Teclast X3, SMSL sap-4s, JDS Labs cMoy (with the stock opamp) even the Aune T1 but, eventually, I have to admit that I never find them pleasant to my ears. ...
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More Reviews


HSA PAA-1Pro - Generic looks, but terrific sonic ability for the price.


Pros: Sound, Detail and Balance, Value, Case & Accessories (especially foam covers)

Cons: Generic Design, Awful Cable, Size and Comfort (Fit)

Most of this review is taken from my original longer comparison review here : http://www.head-fi.org/t/679360/review-hisound-audio-paa1-pro-earbuds-e212-iems-opposites-in-almost-every-way    For this review - ignore the green bars on the side - it's not where I set mine (something wrong with Head-Fi rating system).  I listed price at $50 as that is the normal price for these buds.  In reality I paid $10 (the cost of the shipping).     Introducing HiSound Audio's PAA1-Pro   I'm always a sucker for trying new things - you never know when you'll find a hidden gem.  So when I saw HiSound Audio's offer, giving Head-fiers an opportunity to...
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Very Competitive at price range Earbuds


Pros: Crazy bass, good amount of accessories

Cons: sizing issue (slightly large for my ears), Cable can move into the housing, non tangle free cables

My ratings are /5 in comparison to their cost.   Lows: Lows, the lows are definitely the highlight of these earbuds in my opinion. The bass reaches deep and has good impact/volume. For the lows alone i would give these earbuds a 4.5/5   Mids: The mids are definately towards the warm sounding side. They arent overpowered by the bass however feel to blend with them instead. Otherwise, vocals are clean 4/5   Highs: The Highs are the bane of these earbuds, due to the strong mids and lows, i feel underwhelmed by the highs of this bud. Overall they were lacking in comparison. Not much to say otherwise. 1.5-2/5   Misc Pros: Good amount of...
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Good sounding earbuds


Pros: Good sound stage, long ear bud stem, nice accessories and case

Cons: Fit might be an issue with people with smaller ear opening, no cable slider

I'd like to thank Jack Fu of HiSound Audio for sending me a review sample of both the PAA-1 Pro and the E212. I burned these in for around 20 hours,      Tested with   Galaxy S3 with PowerAmp & Noozxoide Eizo Rewire, HP 4410S notebook.   Package   PAA-1Pro Cable clip 3 pairs of ear bud sleeves A Nice & functional IEM storage box Cable manager   Audio Quality     I compared the PAA-1Pro to the following IEM's and ear bud: HiSound E212, Crossroads Bijou3, Generic Sony Ear buds. I unfortunately had a fit issue with the PAA-1Pro as I couldn't get a proper fit and only way to get the proper...
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Quality Product, Bang for Bucks


Pros: Comfortable fit, Great bass and Mids don't suffer from bass bleed.

Cons: Non- Tangle Free Cables

HiSound Audio's PAA-1 Pro Review   First off, I'd like to thank Jack from HiSound Audio (HSA) for the sample. Before we proceed further, it's important to note that these were burnt in over 50 hours before the review.       Specs:   Type:Dynamic,open Size of the driver:16mm impedance:32 OHM Sensitivity:105db Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level):120db(1khz,1 Vrms) Frequency response:17-22khz Earphone Jack :3.5mm Cable length:119cm   Price: $49 (USD) + Shipping     Package/Accessories/Built:           HiSound has recently changed...
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Awesome Earbuds, Best I've Heard Under $100


Pros: Sound, Nice Case & Accessories, Very Comfortable For Me, Exceptional Customer Service

Cons: Annoying Cable, Not So Great Build Quality

First, I'd like to thank Jack Fu of HiSound Audio for sending me a review sample of the PAA-1 Pro and the E212. It was certainly very generous of him to send multiple units to so many people. I am in no way affiliated with HiSound Audio and this will be a completely non biased review. Tested with my HDP-R10, Sansa Clip+ and SGS3 international version. More on amping later. I have burnt these in for a while now, but not for the 100 hours that HiSound recommends. I will change the review if I feel like the sound changes after burn in but others have not noticed much if any change after burn in.      Design, Accessories & Unboxing Being a vented earbud, there is...
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