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HiSoundAudio E212 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Wonderful warm, bassy change of pace from the normal, bright, clinical fare.


Pros: Good build, minimal microphonics, nice bass presentation.

Cons: They are IEMs. I hate IEMs :)

I am a Grado fan. More precisely, I am a Grado modder. Everything I listen to is tinkered with, and woodied….Needless to say, I favor a bright sound signature, open-backs and am not very into IEMs. For all of my listening I use my FiiO X5 on low gain, loaded with 16/44 FLAC files. IEMs are a necessary evil in an occasionally noisy world, but given I have oddly shaped ear canals (thanks to a nice little head-fracture at the tender age of 3) fit has always been an issue with them, and let’s be honest, no one likes giving their office mates the chance to sneak up on and scare the living daylights out of them.   I have recently had the pleasure of acquainting myself with @EmpJ of CTC...
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Negative Reviews


HiSound's self-proclaimed best sub $100 IEM on the market!


Pros: Cable, small clamshell case, bass quality, forward mids.

Cons: Prone to driver flex, bad fit on smaller ears, overly bassy; these are my main caveat.

Alright, to be fair they did also say "best IMEs under USD 100"... okay, I shouldn't be mean and nitpick on typos. We all make typos.   This will actually be my second review write-up from a hisoundaudio review chance. Grateful to Jack of hisoundaudio for opening these positions! The previous model that I tried was actually a POPO, which in comparison these were a BIG leap from there. In the good direction.   For all purposes and intent of this review, I did not use any amps for these. Ever since my review on the Chord & Major earphones, I've only gotten more picky about sound; what was probably a good bass-head IEM the POPO was, today is quite the mediocre one. Well,...
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More Reviews


Great on the go IEMS!


Pros: Build Quality, comfortable, cable, case and looks

Cons: Tad bass heavy

Package: E212 iems 3 pairs of red silicone tips Hard case cable manager   Build Quality: Excellent build quality with a great cable.  It's light and stay in place very well when at the gym.  Isolation: Amazing for me.  Fits very well and never had a problem getting good isolation Comfort: one of the best.  Comparable to Vsonic GR06/GR07, M6 Microphonics: slight but nothing to worry about Sound: It was a slight warm bassy sound thats perfect to get you pumped to work out. These are very good gym iems.  It was a slight warm bassy sound thats perfect to get you pumped to work out.   Accessories: Has a very...
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HSA E212 - Too bassy OOTB - but hidden gem if EQ'd


Pros: Build quality and aesthetics, weight, cable (excellent), value, sound (but only if EQ'd), nice carry case, good fit (if you find the right tips)

Cons: Default OOTB sound is too bassy, poor selection of tips, no chin slider, isolation is not the best

Most of this review is taken from my original longer comparison review here; http://www.head-fi.org/t/679360/review-hisound-audio-paa1-pro-earbuds-e212-iems-opposites-in-almost-every-way   Ignore the green bars on the side - it's not where I set mine (something wrong with the Head-Fi rating system).  I listed price at $50 - which is normal price - but I paid $10 (postage only).   Introducing HiSound Audio's E212     I'm always a sucker for trying new things - you never know when you'll find a hidden gem.  So when I saw HiSound Audio's thread, giving Head-fiers an opportunity to try their E212 IEMs (just for the price of shipping), I jumped at...
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Another v-shaped entry level killer


Pros: good build quality, angled cable design, rich bass, will improve on burn in

Cons: few selection of eartips on the package, doesn't sound good out of the box

First, I want to thank Jack and HiSoundAudio for the review unit of ES212.   What's included in the package: HiSound ES212 3 pairs of red silicone tips Hard carrying case Fish-type cable manager   Build Quality: The build is above average. I really like the design. Metal housing, angled 3.5mm jack with braided cable. Isolation: For some reason this IEM fits well with my ear. I feel like I'm wearing the GR07 with moving nozzle, the design plays a good role on isolation. Comfort: Good Microphonics: almost non existence thanks to the braided cable and over the ear design. Sound: The bass is heavy to moderate and can be felt. Soundstage is...
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chili dude96

Decent for the price


Pros: Rich, Deep Bass. Nice build quality. Good included Accessories.

Cons: Rolled off treble. Fatiguing to listen to.

Very Comparable to Sony MH1Cs - That is to say, they both have the most bass, a decent midrange, and rolled-off treble. However, I think the Sony MH1Cs are better (and a little cheaper). Besides the irritating cord, they are much less fatiguing to listen to especially in the treble, and have a richer, deeper bass.   Build Quality:  Is very nice. I really like the shape of the plug, it seems like it will be more destruction proof. The cord is lightweight with a lot less microphonics than the Sony MH1Cs. The included case and cord holder are very nice. Treble: It is rolled off but not that bad. It certainly isn't good for listening to sopranos however. Midrange: Not as...
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Nicolas L

[REVIEW] HISoundAudio E212


Pros: Good build quality and housing design, relatively good bass.

Cons: Lack of accessories, such as a cable slider and a larger variety of tips.

HiSoundAudio E212 Review   Specifications: Driver size: 9.2mm Impedance: 16 ohms Sensitivity: 100dB Frequency: 20-20KHz Cable Length: 124cm   Accessories (3/5): Silicone Single-flange tips (3 sizes), clamshell carrying case, “fish bone” cable winder   Build Quality (4/5): Metal housings, braided cable, sturdy L-shaped plug.   Isolation (3/5): Average isolation, small tips are better in fitting into the ear canal for isolation.    Microphonics (4/5): Quite decent due to the use of braided cables, but isolation is best when worn over-the-ear.   Comfort (3/5): Doesn’t feel quite good when you wear the IEMs since there’s a...
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An excellent IEM for the price


Pros: Nice Nozzle design, good bass, wide soundstage

Cons: Color scheme,odd rear profile, no cable clip and adjuster

I would like to thank HiSound Audio for this review unit. This is my first review of an IEM.   To begin with, I compared the E212 to Crossroads Bijou3 which costs about $10 more.   Tested with   HP ProBook 4410S, GS3 with Noozxoide & Poweramp   Accessories   3 pairs of red ear tips, cable manager, flexible phone case The flexible phone case supplied is good. A cable clip instead of the cable manager would have been more useful IMHO.   Design   I've been using the Bijou3 for about a year and although they look like they have very steady cables, the right side of the cable gave way just after a year. The cables on...
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Great for the price


Pros: Excellent angled earbud design; Reasonably wide soundstage; Good bass response + depth; Good Value; No major flaws

Cons: colour scheme may not suit everyone; slightly on the larger side; some may dislike sound signature

Full disclosure: these were provided to me by hisound for this review, free of charge for only the cost of shipping. i am not an expert in reviewing audio equipment, and therefore my descriptions are more qualitative than technically correct so some of the terminology used may not be accurate. I consider myself an audio enthusiast, having owned in the past (and currently) - IN EAR - beyerdynamic MMX-101i; NOCS NS400 titanium; Astrotec am-90; jays a-Jays four, brainwavz m4,  ; OVER EAR - Nokia purity pro.    Design: - overall good design, nice blend of metal (?steel) and soft touch red plastic with a metallic sheen to it. compares favourably with the competition....
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Big Bassy IEM, Great Bang For The Buck


Pros: Sound, Nice Case & Accessories, Very Comfortable For Me, Exceptional Customer Service, Easy To Use Cable

Cons: No Cable Slider, No Cable Clip, May Come Off As Dark

First of all, I'd like to thank Jack Fu of HiSound Audio for sending me a E212 for review. I am in no way affiliated nor against HiSound Audio in any way and I will try my best to give my unbiased opinions. These were given 100 hours of burn in, in which I feel like the E212 has improved dramatically. However, this can be just my ears getting used to the sound. Tested with my HDP-R10, Sansa Clip+, Fiio E6 and my SGS3.      Design, Accessories & Unboxing Sure, this is a budget minded $50 pair of IEMs, but HiSound does everything that it can to make this look like a $100 IEM. Most IEMs in this price range just come with a a few pairs of tips but this has a very nice...
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Hisoundaudio HSA-E212: Impressive on all fronts and comes with a dead fish to boot!


Pros: Beautiful design, Excellent cable, Comfortable to wear, Great sound.

Cons: A bit bass heavy but many just want it that way.

.   INTRODUCTION   This is my First review ever so don't bite my head off if I make a mistake please    A few words about me. I'm 53 years old, Dutch, male and quite new to portable Hi-Fi audio but quite fanatic in learning anything about it. Over the Last six months or so I did a lot of reading, bought a lot (much too much) of audio hardware and collected loads of digital music in at least CD quality.   Jack Fu from Hisoundaudio was so nice to send me this nice IEM. He mailed me this IEM was two steps in quality above the PAA1 earbud so that creates expectations. Ik liked the PAA1, I got with my Colorfly C3, so much I bought the PAA1 Pro too....
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