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Well balanced, but a bit bright sided IEM:s that need properly adjusted in place

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HiSoundAudio BA100

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Pros: Flat sound and decend built quality. Price. Microphone. Carrying case and cable holder.

Cons: A bit harsh uppermid, with couple of nasty resonances. Hard to set in ears properly.



Just few words about my self: Im professional sound engineer, who enjoys pure and flat sound. Nothing hyped and no snake oil for me thank you.


Just got them couple days ago, and i was very anxious to see, how they work for me. Lots of reviews i have read was very promising, but in this thread there have been so many dissapointed people, so...

Package came from post and i plug those in to my iPhone4s and selected my soundcheck track no.1. and boy was i dissapointed. Weak bass, distorted sound and very peaky and unpleasant upper mids. Try to fiddle them out and in and try to adjust tips, and what not. Another, pro-audio soundsource did not make any difference.  No gicar. So i thought that these must be bad pair, and mailed to seller who runs local small busines and is specialised in in-ears, so he knows he´s product. He was baffled, but promised to check them out and to send me new pair.

Then i listened my other familiar cans again, just to quadruple check, that it´s not me, and went back to BA100.s and suddenly whoa!!! Very clean and smooth soundstage. Good balance, exept slight overtightnes in upper mids. What happened? Take them off and on again and they sound thin again. Fiddling them in ears and boom, sound is back. So these things are VERY precise, how to place them in ears.

Then i tried foamtips, that came along them and now i found that sweetspot much easier.


So how is the overall sound?

It´s quite flat overall. Subs are a tiiinybit shy, but definedly there. Bass is very clear, non hyped and precise and Lo mids are pure and nice. Upper mids are  a bit bright and there are resonance peaks at 3300 and its upper harmonics at 6600 Hz, and that bothers me quite a bit. I´m sure that many people wont even notice, and prefer this as clarity, and in a sense it is: you can find details exelently with these headphones, but do you need to find things that aren´t  naturally so visible? And it would be nice, if they could go a hint higher at the freq range.


So overall: At pricepoint, they are very nice. Mick works fine as well. But you neet to adjust them very precise to get good sound off them and if you are like, me and use iems just on the go, when you want good sound, when you go jogging, biking or something like that, it´s a bit hustle. 

So i still prefer my lost (sob) Sound Magic E10:s, wich are cheaper, not quite so flat, but exelent sounding and much more easier to use.


PS: I found that when you place them so that cord points up and go from front behind you ear, they seems to settle down much easier.


PPS. That distorsion that i mentioned when i first heard them, was in the record. Never before i have noticed it. So yes, they are very precise ;)


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