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HiSoundAudio BA100 Reviews


Good bang for your buck.


Pros: Size, Comfort, clarity, price and build.

Cons: A bit tip depth fussy but easily done right. Highs could be a little more extended.

  So after a day of somewhat abusive run in (free and impatient) and tip rolling, I can say these easily play in a realm at or above their $100 price point. The stock tips are fine and Grado tips also work well but try a few doubles on them all the way to the base and you may get really great results. The stock tips are short and I prefer those up near the tip, the Grado/Orto tips can go lower on the body of the nozzle as they're longer and the UE doubles are quite long, should sit against the base and just sing on these. I have a half dozen double flange tips and these were the best overall. Second was a set with a slightly smaller opening and more taper on the top...
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HiSoundAudio BA100 – Balance, Style & Value - Just a Little Thin Sounding


Pros: Size, weight, cable (good), value, balanced sound, nice carry case, good fit

Cons: No chin slider, build quality deteriorates over time, overall sound is a little thin

Introducing HiSound Audio's BA100 Balanced Armature IEM        After reviewing HSA's E212 and Crystal IEMs, and PAA-1Pro and Living buds, Jack from HSA approached me and asked if I'd like a review sample of their new BA100 Balanced Armature IEM.  Naturally I jumped at the chance – as for the most part I have enjoyed both their IEMs and earbuds, and I was intrigued as to their next offering.  They arrived just on a week ago – and in that time I’ve logged a lot of hours with them.  I’ve listed price at  USD $59 (available at Noisy Motel for this price) – however this is not what I paid for them (they are a review sample).   Disclaimer I...
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Well balanced, but a bit bright sided IEM:s that need properly adjusted in place


Pros: Flat sound and decend built quality. Price. Microphone. Carrying case and cable holder.

Cons: A bit harsh uppermid, with couple of nasty resonances. Hard to set in ears properly.

Hello   Just few words about my self: Im professional sound engineer, who enjoys pure and flat sound. Nothing hyped and no snake oil for me thank you.   Just got them couple days ago, and i was very anxious to see, how they work for me. Lots of reviews i have read was very promising, but in this thread there have been so many dissapointed people, so... Package came from post and i plug those in to my iPhone4s and selected my soundcheck track no.1. and boy was i dissapointed. Weak bass, distorted sound and very peaky and unpleasant upper mids. Try to fiddle them out and in and try to adjust tips, and what not. Another, pro-audio soundsource did not make any difference....
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Good for the price..


Pros: midrange, clarity, balanced sound

Cons: treble extension, no chin slider

Thanks to Jack and HSA for sending me the BA100 as a review unit for a hefty 50% off. It is a single balanced armature IEM with a retail price of $99. For a sub-$100 IEM, I would say that it definitely has a lot of potential with a few shortcomings.   Design and Accessories : The first time I took them out of the packaging, I was quite pleased to see the metallic construction and the 45° jack. The wire is descent and has been rather tangle-free. The included tips are nice, I was using the foam tips that came with the BA100 for some time. Finally I switched to the MEElec double-flange tips which are very comfortable and also sound nice with the BA100. The included fish-thingy has...
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Hisoundaudio enters the BA market


Pros: Small, comfortable, nicely built

Cons: Fit might be finicky, accesories

Full review here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/692577/review-hisoundaudio-ba100            Fit, Comfort and Isolation: The BA100 are one of the smallest in-ear phones I've seen, and like the Crystal model I previously owned, they're very easy to fit and impossible comfortable with the right tips. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I couldn't get a good fit with the included eartips, so tip-rolling was a must. Other single-flange tips, such as the Auvio and Audiofly tips, offered a more secure fit, but I ended settling with the Meelec double-flange tips as they offered better sound results. Isolation is above average, and again, potentially better with...
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Very clear sound, but lacks some extension


Pros: Clarity, detail, soundstage

Cons: build, sibilant, not too good with modern genres

The BA100 from HiSoundAudio is a single balanced armature in-ear headphone that has ups and downs. Big thanks to Jack at HiSoundAudio for the review unit! Accessories - Hard carrying case, 3 pairs of tips (S,M,L), and 'fish' cable winder. To be honest, I never found a use for the fish. It doesn't fit into the case, and I always keep the headphones in their case when not in use. The best use I got from it was showing it to a friend and telling them that I have a dead fish.   [[SPOILER]]  Build - The BA100 has an interesting design. Unlike most balanced armature in-ear headphones, the BA100 utilizes a wider nozzle, that turns into the standard narrow nozzle that is common with BA IEMs. I...
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Good sounding entry level IEM that punches above it's price bracket


Pros: balanced sound, good detail retreval, controlled bass, awesome comfort and fit

Cons: not a fan of iPod controls on any IEM's, better strain reliefs needed on IEM housing entry points, roll off in upper highs, cable tangle prone

  If any questions please feel free to ask away on here or YT. Hope you all enjoy the video

Best IEM Under $100?


Pros: Bass, Midrange, Detail, Separation, Comfort

Cons: Treble, Fish (WTF), 4 Pole Plug

First of all, I’d like to thank Jack Fu of Hisound Audio for sending me the new BA-100 for me to review.  Hisound has been a company that IMO raised the bar in terms of price/performance. I was very impressed by their PAA-1 Pro, E212 and E350 and believed that they all performed very well in their price bracket. The BA-100, as its name suggests uses balanced armature, or BA drivers. There is one driver in each ear, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that other multi driver IEMs are superior.  Quite simply put, I was blown away by the BA-100 when I first heard it since I was expecting it to perform at a much lower level than it did. This tiny IEM retails at $99 and it is...
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