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Great on the go IEMS!

A Review On: Hisound E212

Hisound E212

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Pros: Build Quality, comfortable, cable, case and looks

Cons: Tad bass heavy


E212 iems

3 pairs of red silicone tips

Hard case

cable manager


Build Quality: Excellent build quality with a great cable.  It's light and stay in place very well when at the gym. 

Isolation: Amazing for me.  Fits very well and never had a problem getting good isolation

Comfort: one of the best.  Comparable to Vsonic GR06/GR07, M6

Microphonics: slight but nothing to worry about

Sound: It was a slight warm bassy sound thats perfect to get you pumped to work out. These are very good gym iems.  It was a slight warm bassy sound thats perfect to get you pumped to work out.  

Accessories: Has a very nice hard case with lots of room.  Enough to fit a small mp3 player like a sansa clip.  Tips could have a better selection.  Cable manager sort of useless but nice to have it.


Looks wise its very pleasing.  I LOVE the color red and this was perfect for me.  Great Value and amazing customer service.


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