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Another v-shaped entry level killer

A Review On: Hisound E212

Hisound E212

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Pros: good build quality, angled cable design, rich bass, will improve on burn in

Cons: few selection of eartips on the package, doesn't sound good out of the box

First, I want to thank Jack and HiSoundAudio for the review unit of ES212.


What's included in the package:

HiSound ES212

3 pairs of red silicone tips

Hard carrying case

Fish-type cable manager


Build Quality: The build is above average. I really like the design. Metal housing, angled 3.5mm jack with braided cable.

Isolation: For some reason this IEM fits well with my ear. I feel like I'm wearing the GR07 with moving nozzle, the design plays a good role on isolation.

Comfort: Good

Microphonics: almost non existence thanks to the braided cable and over the ear design.

Sound: The bass is heavy to moderate and can be felt. Soundstage is decent enough, better than of SoundMagic E30 but not as good as GR07. Vocals can be muddy on some tracks.


Overall it sounds awesome for $49 retail value. If you're looking for V-shaped entry-level IEM ES212 is definitely good to go.


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