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Decent for the price

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Hisound E212

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chili dude96
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Pros: Rich, Deep Bass. Nice build quality. Good included Accessories.

Cons: Rolled off treble. Fatiguing to listen to.

Very Comparable to Sony MH1Cs - That is to say, they both have the most bass, a decent midrange, and rolled-off treble. However, I think the Sony MH1Cs are better (and a little cheaper). Besides the irritating cord, they are much less fatiguing to listen to especially in the treble, and have a richer, deeper bass.


Build Quality:  Is very nice. I really like the shape of the plug, it seems like it will be more destruction proof. The cord is lightweight with a lot less microphonics than the Sony MH1Cs. The included case and cord holder are very nice.

Treble: It is rolled off but not that bad. It certainly isn't good for listening to sopranos however.

Midrange: Not as effortless as the Sony MH1Cs. Not as warm either.

Bass: Very comparable to the Sony MH1Cs. It is rich, and loud, but not boomy.

Soundstage: Is above average. Not incredible, but the instrument separation is nice. Vocals do sometimes get muddied together.


Thanks to Jack at Hisound audio for giving me this sample to review.


Side note: I agree with other reviews. These IEMs really need a burn-in. They sounded terrible at first.


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