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[REVIEW] HISoundAudio E212

A Review On: Hisound E212

Hisound E212

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Audio Quality
Nicolas L
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Pros: Good build quality and housing design, relatively good bass.

Cons: Lack of accessories, such as a cable slider and a larger variety of tips.

HiSoundAudio E212 Review



Driver size: 9.2mm

Impedance: 16 ohms

Sensitivity: 100dB

Frequency: 20-20KHz

Cable Length: 124cm


Accessories (3/5): Silicone Single-flange tips (3 sizes), clamshell carrying case, “fish bone” cable winder


Build Quality (4/5): Metal housings, braided cable, sturdy L-shaped plug.


Isolation (3/5): Average isolation, small tips are better in fitting into the ear canal for isolation. 


Microphonics (4/5): Quite decent due to the use of braided cables, but isolation is best when worn over-the-ear.


Comfort (3/5): Doesn’t feel quite good when you wear the IEMs since there’s a squeaky sound when you  wear it, and their silicon tips don’t feel as good as the ones that come with the low-end Sony IEMs.


Sound (7/10): For the price the HiSoundAudio is asking for these IEMs, the E212 has a fairly wide soundstage for the price bracket and also decent bass, but the vocals seem to fall behind of the bass since the IEMs are bass-orientated. The treble performance of the IEMs is slightly above average compared to other IEMs in the price bracket such as the Sony MDR-EX60LP and the Panasonic RP HJE355.  Amplifying these IEMs with the FiiO E6 doesn’t really help in improving its performance.


Testing Gear:

iPod Nano 4th Generation, sometimes paired with the FiiO E6 Amp with a LOD. Reviewed after 50 hours of burn-in. 


Note: This is my first review, so if you have any comments on my style of reviewing, please feel free to send me a message and I will humbly accept it, and change it if I ever get to review more gear. Pictures will be uploaded shortly. 


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