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Bassheads will love it.

A Review On: Hippo VB

Hippo VB

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Pros: Bass, Bass, Bass and Bass

Cons: Lacks on imging and separation

I have purchased these from Jaben. Out of the box they sounded terrible. After 25-30 hours when i got used to their sound i did not find them so terrible and after another say 15 hours i started enjoying bass on these. Nothing much to write about it as i did not feel any different than many other reviewers felt on the bass part. I use IEMs on my phone with normally 192 Kbps mp3s. These do not sound like 89$ gears when i compare them to my Soundmagic E10 or even BrainWavz M2 as these 2 cost significantly low. And E10 provide good separation with nice punchy bass which was always more than sufficient for me, a thing i learnt after i purchased these. VBs are not my premier choice headphones for my phone on the go. But surely i am going to keep them for long time just for the amount and quality( i mean it's not  muddy) of bass. Whenever i'll listen to bass heavy tracks, i'll use them.


With no-dot plate, Bass is heaviest and remaining spectrum certainly gets affected but not to the extent of being ugly. I prefer plate with 2 dots. It sounds more fun to listen as the no-dot plate pounds your head and i can't stand it for more than 15 mins. Distortion at the high volumes is very less to no distortion. That's another good thing @ them. I am not completely satisfied but that has to do much with the price i paid for them. I did not like to pay 50 bucks more to listen colored music when i already have E10 for under 40$. I think somewhwere around 50 to 55$ would be their fair price, but that's just my opinion.


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