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Awesome for the $$$

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Hippo VB

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Pros: Bass, soundstage, depth

Cons: treble a little recessed

What an amazing pair of headphones, especially for the price.


Bass is incredible - on some dubstep tracks I compare it to being in a car with a good sub in it. Deep, rarely challenged, not muddy. The level of bass depends on the screw you have in though.


Treble can be a little recessed at first, needs some EQ to bring it back.


My biggest suggestion with these: LEAVE THE SCREWS OUT. Bass is even heavier, but if you have a player with an EQ you can balance that back out. When you leave the screws out you almost turn these into an open 'phone. Soundstage improves massively, everything is broader and more separated, just an incredible sound from a canalphone. Obviously they become less isolating though.


An incredible headphone, and not just for bass-heads. You've got to want bass in your music to enjoy these, but they work well on everything from acoustic to rock to dub & dance.


After trying many IEM's including pairs from Shure, $250 Sony's, JVC's twin drivers, Ety's and AT's, these were the most balanced and enjoyable by a long shot.


Well worth the cash.



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these look like just what i have been looking for, where did you get them for $70?
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