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A Review On: Hippo VB

Hippo VB

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Excessive, deep bass,

Cons: Not so clear mid and high, can be sibilant, has some electric noise with some sources.

I got a pair of Hippo VB shortly after they came back in stock.




The new series of the Hippo VB came with 6 pairs of single-flanges 2 S, 2 M and 2 L, There were one of each sizes in black or in a red/blue mix. It also comes with a zipper case large enough also to have my clip+ in it. There is also a shirt clip on  the cable. Also last, but not least, the three plates to adjust the bass.


Build quality


The cable seems to be solid but is stiff. It uses the same 90 degrees plug that  Westone and Earsonics use; it is sturdy. The build quality of the housing is good, it's made of aluminium and seems to be rather solid. 




I don't have particularly big ears and these scrap the back of my ear and can be very annoying to wear for longer periods of time




Isolation with the stock eartips is about average, it's eanough for the commute to work but won't kill the vacuum cleaner.


Sound Quality


The Hippo VB comes with three different plates of which I prefer the one with two dots on it. The soundstage of the phones is wide. Regarding the lows it goes almost without saying these are heavily bass-focused with a large quantity of bass. I found the sound to be somewhat dark compared to the Meelectronics A151 and the instrument separation is not quite as good.



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