Hippo Biscuit Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Singing Biscuit


Pros: Superb audio reproduction for the price.

Cons: Terrible interface

  The link below is my first impression for the Mk1 (version 1): http://www.head-fi.org/t/631599/hippo-biscuit-music-player-review   The second version (mk2), which comes in more color (Red and Blue are now available, I chose blue), the button changed to a softer gel, and the time to switch on/off the player has significantly reduced.   Sound quality wise is still the same for Mk2. It's ideal for hifi recordings (clean music reproduction) and not so ideal for casual (fun, with certain coloring) use due to the constrain of features available in conventional players, such as the features of bass boosting, EQ, and etc.   To me, in my region, a sub $100...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Good Sound

Cons: Buggy

Ok i'll just jump straight to the point, should you buy this? Absolutely Not . Here's why; - It's a screen-less shuffle style player, obviously not intended to compete with the screened DAP market, fair enough, but if it actually shuffled properly it might be of some use. This is by far the worst implementation of a shuffle algorithm I have ever encountered. It was doing so many weird things that it took a month of experimenting to see if I could understand a logical approach as to what it is indeed trying to do, in the end I have just branded it as buggy and bad. There is a shuffle toggle button on the device, sounds nice in theory (and I wish other DAPs would have a nice physical...
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