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96K + Usb Isolator / Baby Sabre Usb Dac for Android.

A Review On: Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC

Hifimediy Sabre USB DAC

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Pros: Small Compact,Well buit for price,well balanced,cheap not much on the market can touch it at this price point !!

Cons: usb only, 3.5 mm output only ((no RCA's,could of been a higher spec dac in a small form factor (similar to Dragonfly) but has max res @ 48KHz

Having tried the 96 K version with Savitech Chip & a USB Isolator made also by Hifimediy yeah it was definately value for money.Would be interesting to compare against the Odac & Dragonfly


The Hifimediy has a really good attack less laiback than my Wolfson Dac Heed Dactil 1.2 . I have also tried it against the sound from a Woffson Sound Card made for the Raspberry Pi again more attack less of a warmth in the sound but just as much detail not as much refinement little less polite I guess.


I liked it as much as the fiio d3 when I first got it. But needs spdif for my tastes. I think it sounds amazing with DSD rips in PCM back at 96k (Rips made on Korg DS-DAC 100M).

I tried it with the iphone 5 playing 16 & 24 Bit 96K flac files straight from the lightening cable nice sound using Golden Ear.


I have the smaller version of this Dac restricted to 48 KHz designed primairly for Android devices for £19. I tested with a Macbook Pro + via JDS Labs Cmoy, HIBIKI Player with DSD Rips using pair of Koss KSC75 It's definately a stocking filler comparing it to the Fiio D3 original version utalizing the wolfson spdif chip now out of production it can't come near the level of seperation and detail of the D3 but this is mainly due to optical & coax spec differences for it's size and price biggest bang for you buck....you simply can't go wrong with this !


The HiFimeDIY U2 version of this has async inside so it takes care of timing. Both equally good to get you up-and-running with DAC's. They have same chip as ODAC with different implementation. Sabres are on the analytical side of things,so if you have bright cans maybe not a good match and Wolfson on the warm side of things... I'm now looking at old school Philips DAC chips for a more natural/neutral sound.
I'm not sure the one your reviewed is the same thing.
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