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Amazing sound for the price

A Review On: HiFiMAN RE272


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Pros: Magic sound, great detail, non-fatiguing, neutral sound, source-friendly

Cons: A little shy on the bass

My full review on Passion for Sound is here:




In summary:


  • A bit light on the bass - tight and clean, but lacking some oomph
  • Sound is so clean and detailed, but not fatiguing
  • Staging is excellent - on par or better than much more costly IEMs
  • Makes music engaging and enjoyable without colouration
  • Not for bass heads, RnB / Hip-Hop / Electronic (with deep bass) fans
  • Awesome value of money given their performance

1 Comment:

Eectronica sounds great to me with 2-3 db bass boost on EQ. Sub bass is superb, just enough but fit and tip choice needs a little bit of tweaking in the ears to find the proper position. Once you find the sweet spot, they are quite stunning. Not finding the proper fit can result in disappointment, especially for bass heads.
Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphones › In-Ear › HiFiMAN RE272 › Reviews › Loquah's Review