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Pros: clarity, micro-detail, presentation, transients, comfort, sq screams audiophile

Cons: bass, build, price


Class leading sq(among the best of what i've heard).. I would definitely put the SQ as high as the Shure SE-535 & on par with the SRH-940 out of an HUD MX-1

Very coherent presentation - i think this is the most pleasing presentation an analytical listener can get

Clinical yet musical - for this you will have to take a listen for yourself

Clarity that keeps up with speed - the almost no bass sound makes up for astounding clarity that's second to none

Motherly Micro-detail - I think this might be one of the most detailed sets i've heard till date

the treble is very very airy which helps in identifying micro-details in the music very easily.. its not the most prominent treble I've heard, but its smooth yet clinical at the same time, yes it is a bright pair of earphones but still the over all sound quality is extremely pleasing to the analytical ear



fragile build(price not justified) - I got a used pair of the re 272 after a year from my initial audition, and the build to my eye was fairly good, but then the left driver started distorting and thats when I came to know there was a problem with the wiring, which is polished and refined in appearance but finicky and cheap .. you do not get what you pay for here! 

adequate bass but not satisfactory, the sub-bass shows no body, theres a considerable roll off and the overall bass is shy of neutral. even the mid-bass has very less impact and decay..

limiting soundscape - the soundstage is average but not to the competition of other flagships I've heard such as the ex 1000 or the se 535, however the sound is not at all clustered, infact its just the opposite








Yup, clinical yet musical. I liked the shimmer in the highs. Not quite flawless due to anorexic (however high quality) bass and narrow soundspace, iirc.
yes .. sorry forgot to mention the sonic space... im now enjoying the greenhouse gh-erc-dms!! its like the re 272s with more bass .. but a equal to better sonic space..
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