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Very Impressive IEM

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Pros: Clarity, neutrality and realism

Cons: Noise isolation and split cable design

I'm relatively new to the IEM scene (I bought RE0's for me and my wife two years ago and have been using them with great pleasure until they were stolen 1 year ago)

I liked the sound signature of the RE0, but I have never taken them seriously as a replacement for my other Headphones. I have used them mostly while on the go with my iPhone.

They were no match for my full size headphones, The highs were more distorted at times and some music just didn't sound right.


After I lost my pair of RE0's and reading some initial positive reviews about the RE272 I decided to upgrade.

When I received them my initial impressions were positive:


Better design and fit.

Sturdier cable with less microphonics.


Already after the first seconds I heard them playing I knew that they sounded very special.


Articulate highs with low distortion

Natural clean sounding bass

Voices sound beautiful with a lot of "body"

Piano sounds very lifelike with excellent decay

In general acoustical instruments sound very realistic

A large symphony orchestra sounds simply amazing on these, all the different instruments are clearly recognizable


For the price an amazing product, but needs a good source to make real magic

I am now using them on a HM-801 with a Game amp, a great match




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