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Great analytical IEM

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Pros: Excellent clarity, soundstaging, texturing and extension all around; comfortable fit; modular cable; good materials; decent isolation with right tips

Cons: Cable hardens, brittle; Somewhat bass lean; need long tips in the other 2 ways; bad tips included (but many); no portable case; slight wind noise

Review is in the review thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/568515/hifiman-re272-review/135#post_7845383


Suffice it to say, these IEMs are perfect once equalized. No ifs or buts. Nothing I've ever tried matches these.


Even without the sound is great, if a bit bass lean and slightly forward.

Extension is unmatched by any other IEM.


I'd love if the next revision includes a case/pouch (not just jewel case) and inverse channel balanced cable.

Hifiman should really provide different tips - the included ones are unusable except the smaller biflange.


The included eartips are atrocious. Single flanges don't seal appreciably, large biflange is far too large, small biflange causes unpleasant bass texturing (kills impact) and glassy sound.

The good choices are in order of preference: Sennheiser small olives, VSonic single flange, Sony Hybrid tips (both M and S size)


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