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RE272 is the best IEM I tried. Very realistic, fast, neutral, accurate, clear, detailed while engaging sound.

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Pros: realism, speed, clarity, musicality, frequency response and extensions, tonality, details, instruments separation and positioning

Cons: bass weight

Disclaimer: I've got my RE272 as a review sample for free.

There are more pros and cons in my full review, like


- RE272 bass accuracy is excellent, but I like to have it perfect.
- Soundstage size is good for IEM, but I like to have more.


But this is just a nitpicking, and I do not consider this as a real "negative aspects" (this is how cons are defined here in Reviews section). I rather call this "wishes".


Conclusion: I prefer RE272 over any IEM I tried. 


Tried, in order of preference (not just SQ): RE262, RE252, RE0, ER-4P/S, MTPC, E500 (SE535), RE-Zero, CK10, SA6, ER-6i, E4c (wow, this is ancient!), UM2, some more. Note: order may change depending on the source.


Similarity: RE272 sounds like ER-4P reincarnated into dynamic driver version. And it turns out to be a step up over ER-4P, rather than a side steps presented by former HiFiMan models.


More in my RE272 review and comparisons to ER-4P, HD650, ATH-CK10, IE8.


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