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Pros: Great Treble, Good midrange, detailed, clean, balanced sound

Cons: Bass

First, I want to say thanks to HIFIMAN to provide me an oppertunity to review their current flagship RE272. Previously I have heard their re0, re1, re262 and 272 deserves to be a flagship. Packaging is the best I have seen from them. Cable thickness is similar to 262. All my listening was done from e7+e9 (apart from ocassional e7 alone) with large sony hybrid used as tip.

As many have mentioned, this IEM is bright, and it holds true. But its treble is not like re0. Its airy, smooth and detailed, not at all grainy. Kudos to Hifiman.
It was a revealtion for me that how smooth, mindblowing, detailed a treble can be. Cymbals are rendered very lively with them.

 When Comparing mid range of 262 and 272, I can easily say it inherit characteristics of 262 but clearly not as upfront, not as smooth and organic. It is detailed and articulate, clear, keys and Strings has good timbre and reverb. Mid range compliments very well to treble.

When it come to lows, 272 start to reveal its weakness, its fast and clean but lacks quantity and texture. U dont feel bass, u dont hear bass, u only hear a sound. On certain tracks it tries to play some bass, you feel some texture, but it all ends with that track. You skip the track and your misery begins. Thats the biggest let down for such a wonderful iem. When i tried bass boost with e7, it became muddy, slow and inferior than before.

The soundstage of this iem is average. You dont feel any sound coming outside of your head as re262 makes u feel. Dynamic range is Ok, nothing great when compared to 262. Instrument seperation is good while retaining coherency and certainly above then 262.

Besides what all i wrote, when one looks at 272, it offers a more satisfactory and balanced sound compared to any HIFIMAN,s I heard till date. It is detailed, clean, neutral yet musical to a certain degree and offers a more complete package. Its an IEM which dont do much wrong and wows you with great treble, good midrange, crystal clear and detailed sound.


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