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The venerable RE272.

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Pros: Forward, resolving, rich, clear mids. Smooth, extended, clear and resolving highs. Very well balanced neutral sound

Cons: Not enough low end presence.

Holds a special place in my collection as it has consistently been my daily driver for several years.  Sad to think if anything happens to my pair I won't be able to get another one.


Should have gotten these instead or the RE-262s....quite disappointed with them...although they are my daily drivers
Hey, don't be disappointed.  I actually really really liked my RE262s while I had them.  My car got broken into and someone stole them, which is why I bought the RE272s.  I DEFINITELY missed the mids on the RE262s.  It's definitely a lot richer, and more intimate on the RE262 than the 272.  But the RE272s bring treble extension that the RE262s didn't exactly have.  If you look at the FR graphs of the two, they are definitely really close in sound.

That said, and like many others on these forums have said.  Is it worth an extra $100?  It depends on how much you need/want the extra treble extension.  In terms of sound quality, I don't think you're gaining $100 worth of improvement.  They are both about the same level of performance imo.  Just a matter of preference between presentations.
Thanks for the kind words...i bought the RE-262 under the assumption that it had reasonable treble. But turns out to be that i am kind of a treble-head and that i listen a fair amount of faster music nowadays.

So the RE-262 did not fit my prefered sound sig in the first place. Things are quite enjoyable, but as soon as more than 2-3 layers of sound are involved, the resolution and seperation plummets. The mids are ok, but sound rather hollow to me due to the lack of treble and bass.
For me they only do carpenters really well.

will be going for a better built, more analytical iem next.
262 need a decent amp to shine , but having both 262 and 272 for a long time, i can say that the best thing is to have both as they complement each other

272 is a fantastic iem (my fav iem ever actually since i bought it back in 2010 - i went and bought a 2nd pair as back up) but when i want something more mid-centric i put on the 262

i guess 272 is the tall lean model while the 262 is the short, curvy one

2 >1

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