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HiFiMAN RE272 Reviews


HiFiMan RE272, RE0's Big Brother


Pros: Clarity, detail, packaging

Cons: Lack of Bass, too analytical

      Thanks to Nankai, aka Fang for the RE272 Loaner opportunity.    Pros: Clarity, detail, packaging Cons: Bass, too analytical   Equipment Used   Sources: MacBook Pro, iPod Classic Amp/DACs: iBasso D-Zero   Packaging     Luxury. That's the first thing I thought when I saw the wooden box with a vinyl outside. The top of the box is gold stamped that says "HiFiMAN" and there's a gold colored clasp to open the box. Once opened there's a vinyl coated interior with the accessories on the right and the headphones in a plastic casing, which surprisingly is only painted on...
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The venerable RE272.


Pros: Forward, resolving, rich, clear mids. Smooth, extended, clear and resolving highs. Very well balanced neutral sound

Cons: Not enough low end presence.

Holds a special place in my collection as it has consistently been my daily driver for several years.  Sad to think if anything happens to my pair I won't be able to get another one.

Re 272


Pros: Great sound

Cons: Tips can be troublesome.

The 272 would have to be one of my favourite IEM's ever. To get the best out of them I prefer it amped. The detail these things have is nothing short of outstanding. Bass is quick well defined and refined. So if you like your bass in ya face....not for you. These are about quality not quantity. Only negative for me was I found the tips did not suit my particular ear shape, so getting the right kinda seal is always fiddling about for a while, but once found and then paired with a decent amp you forget about the hassle. The 272 is special, Its a sure shame they stopped making these.

Amazing sound for the price


Pros: Magic sound, great detail, non-fatiguing, neutral sound, source-friendly

Cons: A little shy on the bass

My full review on Passion for Sound is here:   http://wp.me/p1J5zo-70   In summary:   A bit light on the bass - tight and clean, but lacking some oomph Sound is so clean and detailed, but not fatiguing Staging is excellent - on par or better than much more costly IEMs Makes music engaging and enjoyable without colouration Not for bass heads, RnB / Hip-Hop / Electronic (with deep bass) fans Awesome value of money given their performance



Pros: clarity, micro-detail, presentation, transients, comfort, sq screams audiophile

Cons: bass, build, price

+ve  Class leading sq(among the best of what i've heard).. I would definitely put the SQ as high as the Shure SE-535 & on par with the SRH-940 out of an HUD MX-1 Very coherent presentation - i think this is the most pleasing presentation an analytical listener can get Clinical yet musical - for this you will have to take a listen for yourself Clarity that keeps up with speed - the almost no bass sound makes up for astounding clarity that's second to none Motherly Micro-detail - I think this might be one of the most detailed sets i've heard till date the treble is very very airy which helps in identifying micro-details in the music very easily.. its not the most...
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Best I've Heard in a Non-Custom


Pros: Bass Done Right

Cons: Tricky Fit, A Smidge Mid-Heavy

The HiFiMAN RE-272 are the best sounding pair of non-customs I've put in my ear.  Period.   I wanted to try a pair after reading favorable reviews around these parts, and I'm glad I made the journey.   The bass is slightly accented without overdriving.  The high end detail doesn't suffer at all.  It's a bit of a closed in sound-- but these are full range earbuds.  They have good detail and they're decent at delivering transients.   My main pair of buds are UERMs, and the supreme balance and detail put them in a much higher class (both in sound and price).  But I'd say if you're looking for great sound in a universal fit earbud, look no...
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rainy nights

Very clear and detailed


Pros: Open, airy and clear

Cons: No one I think

I've read a lot 'bout them and I'm owner of many HifiMan (RE0, RE252, RE262); I think these babies are "RE0 improved to the bones". Highs very crisp and mids refined: so I describe them.

Very Impressive IEM


Pros: Clarity, neutrality and realism

Cons: Noise isolation and split cable design

I'm relatively new to the IEM scene (I bought RE0's for me and my wife two years ago and have been using them with great pleasure until they were stolen 1 year ago) I liked the sound signature of the RE0, but I have never taken them seriously as a replacement for my other Headphones. I have used them mostly while on the go with my iPhone. They were no match for my full size headphones, The highs were more distorted at times and some music just didn't sound right.   After I lost my pair of RE0's and reading some initial positive reviews about the RE272 I decided to upgrade. When I received them my initial impressions were positive:   Better design and...
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Great analytical IEM


Pros: Excellent clarity, soundstaging, texturing and extension all around; comfortable fit; modular cable; good materials; decent isolation with right tips

Cons: Cable hardens, brittle; Somewhat bass lean; need long tips in the other 2 ways; bad tips included (but many); no portable case; slight wind noise

Review is in the review thread here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/568515/hifiman-re272-review/135#post_7845383   Suffice it to say, these IEMs are perfect once equalized. No ifs or buts. Nothing I've ever tried matches these.   Even without the sound is great, if a bit bass lean and slightly forward. Extension is unmatched by any other IEM.   I'd love if the next revision includes a case/pouch (not just jewel case) and inverse channel balanced cable. Hifiman should really provide different tips - the included ones are unusable except the smaller biflange.   The included eartips are atrocious. Single flanges don't seal appreciably, large biflange is...
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RE272 is the best IEM I tried. Very realistic, fast, neutral, accurate, clear, detailed while engaging sound.


Pros: realism, speed, clarity, musicality, frequency response and extensions, tonality, details, instruments separation and positioning

Cons: bass weight

Disclaimer: I've got my RE272 as a review sample for free. There are more pros and cons in my full review, like   Quote: - RE272 bass accuracy is excellent, but I like to have it perfect. - Soundstage size is good for IEM, but I like to have more.   But this is just a nitpicking, and I do not consider this as a real "negative aspects" (this is how cons are defined here in Reviews section). I rather call this "wishes".   Conclusion: I prefer RE272 over any IEM I tried.    Tried, in order of preference (not just SQ): RE262, RE252, RE0, ER-4P/S, MTPC, E500 (SE535), RE-Zero, CK10, SA6, ER-6i, E4c (wow, this is ancient!), UM2, some more....
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