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RE-600S are very good!

A Review On: HiFiMAN RE-600

HiFiMAN RE-600

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Pros: Flat frequency respose, not agressive, detailed and natural sounding.

Cons: Not enough deep bass and air. Fancy package not useful.

I bought the S version that has standard 3.5mm TRS unbalanced plug. I didn't want to use the balanced-to-unbalanced adaptor that comes with the non-S version because my players would not have balanced output I thought it was a problem less and avoids more connectors deteriorating the signal path.


First impression when receiving the box is that it is fancy looking with leather and mirror, but on second thought not very practical. Stored the box and will never look at it again, so what for? I would rather save ~$50 off the price. Comes with various tips and I used the one that came pre-installed (small bi-flange), which suits me fine. Also the tips come in the box within holes in a hard foam and is hard to take them off these holes.


Confort is excellent since it is so small. Isolation is also quite good. Build quality of the cable and the phones is very good, although I am a little worried with the connection of the cable to the phone since there have been complaints that it is very fragile. I am definitively going to take good care and always remove by pulling the phone out of the ear instead of pulling from the cable (the manual says that too).


Sound quality is very good. Initial impression of the signature is the same as long term: the tonality is even and flat, although there is not much deep bass or airy highs. I feel a slow roll-off in the sub-bass, and a fast roll-off in the treble. I am not a "bass head" or used to "V curve sound" but still. This creates a more mid-bass to mid-highs extremely flat response which is somewhat more intimate to listen to. Definitively won't play well energic pop and electronic modern music. The resolution is very high, nice textures and details. The soundstage is very well presented and wide. I found low sibilance in the highs even in recordings that I know they are a little on the hot side, which is a consequence of the somewhat rolled-off highs.


So overall very good and I recommend it!



You weren't getting deep bass response from the RE-600?  It gets depth, but its bass isn't high in quantity which will effect presence at times (though I had no issue with that either).  I can agree with the lack of air though.
As for the box, you just paid a 400 dollar premium for an IEM, they wanted to make it look nice. So no, you own't use it again, or you might, but it's supposed to give them a premium packaging, you kow, for those that like to do unboxing videos.  Not a paper/plastic box :p
Quick note on the connector, if you bought yours recently, and your connector is at a 90-degree angle, you shouldn't have the connector issues.  The connector issues reported are specifically related to the 45-degree connector (which has since been changed).  At least this was what I was told by a HiFiMan rep.  
Mine are recently bought new, so should be latest version. The TRS are straight and the cable enters the phone at 90-degree angle. I didn't know there was a 45-degree angle model before and that specific model had the durability issues. Anyway I will be extra careful just in case.
As for bass, it goes deep indeed but with low volume (quantity), which happens to be a slow roll-off of the deep bass that I feel is missing. I guess my original text wasn't clear, so thanks for pointing out so that I can explain what I meant.
OK, that makes more sense now.  And yes, they did update the connector.  I'm still running off of the old connector, haven't had any issues, though I'm not on the 'S' version.  My balanced TRRS to TRS adapter did go bad though (it was replaced though), but not at the angled jack, at the straight one... 
I just uploaded a picture to clarify how the RE-600S mid-2014 model looks like.
I purchased the RE-600 and unfortunately the headphones did not work out of the box. Either the TRRS to TRS connector was bad, or there was a break somewhere else. I returned the 600 and bought the RE-600S and have not had any problems. 
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