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Rich sound!

A Review On: HiFiMAN RE-600

HiFiMAN RE-600

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Pros: Great dynamics, punchy, very good bass, good midrange, smooth highs

Cons: too much energy in high mids !

Amp: Metric Halo ULN-8


compared with my Sennheiser HD800 and Ultrasone ED10 (the re600 really can be compared with some good full size headphones),

the RE-600 is not that revealing in the midrange and not that fast,

but still rich and punchy with clear midrange.



HD800 has very good stage reproduction. (yes we all know that)

But when you listen to big orchestra (like Mahler, Wagner) you hear an exaggerated

instrument separation and a huge (... again exaggerated) room (not a fair comparison but : compared with my studio monitors PSI A21-m)


ED10 is for me the best in this department.

But RE-600 is also 3D! Stage is not big, but is there.


RE-600 has great Bass. I like it very much. i would say linear. not overemphasizing anything. 

Midrange : is not extremely detailed, but still there. I like it. you hear almost anything you need to hear when enjoying music.

Highs: are smooth. The smooth highs "could" be the reason that the RE-600 is a little slow.

ED10 has too much highs.

HD800 is bright, but is OKAY for me. I use it as a "tool".


High Mids : was annoying me. too much energy there. around 1.5-1.8khz maybe?


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