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HiFiMAN RE-600 Reviews

Positive Reviews


RE600 - still sings like a bird!


Pros: excellent neutral detailed sound, silver plated cables, balanced wired, a ton of eartips.

Cons: would rather take a premium headphone case over premium packaging.

Before I start my review, I would like to Thank HiFiMAN for providing me with a review sample in exchange for my honest opinion.   Also, my assessment and rating of their value is based on the recently updated pricing, reduced down to $199.   Manufacturer website: http://hifiman.com/products/detail/127   HiFiMAN (HFM) doesn’t need any special introduction.  They are among a better known and highly regarded companies in audio industry, while their founder and CEO, Dr Fang Bian, gets an attention of a rockstar whenever he attends CanJam, Head-fi meets, or any other audio trade shows.  He pioneered and patented a lot of new technologies related to planar...
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HiFiMAN RE-600 Quick Review


Pros: Sound quality, its practically perfection.

Cons: Rather flavoured and if you want this quality you have to pay for i

HiFiMAN RE-600 Quick Review   Thanks to Head Direct for the sample.   Full review at http://www.head-fi.org/t/678638/hifiman-re-600-review   Brief:  HiFiMAN’s finest IEM to date.   Price:  US$400 so about £255 or £302 if HMRC spot it   Specification:  3.5mm mini plug, Mini adapter for regular earphone jack, Frequency Response: 15Hz-22KHz, Impedance: 16 Ohms, Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW, Weight: 0.48Oz (13.7g)   Accessories:  13 pairs of tips, 10 filters, balanced to normal adapter, cable wrappy thing and a little case.   Build Quality:  The best so far for HiFiMAN, the cable is supposedly all Kevlar...
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Negative Reviews


Sublime Sounding IEM's let down by cheesy, failure-prone cable.


Pros: Tiny size, comfortable fit, great selection of tips, beautifully, detailed, smooth and balanced, neutral sound, zero fatigue factor.

Cons: Miserable, non-replaceable cable that inevitably kinks and shorts out.

I have been a home audio buff and proud audiophile snob  for decades and have only really gotten back into portable audio gear in recent months. I was looking for a nice pair of audiophile IEM's to replace  - on a limited budget - my failing, seven year old Etymotic ER-4P's. I value tonal accuracy and sound-staging, and while I want bass to be present I am not a "bass-head." Oh, and I cannot stand upper-register sibilance and harshness masquerading as "detail."    So, now you know my biases!     After doing lots of research on Head-fi, I ordered a pair of RE-600's on Amazon.com.   Sonically, I was beyond thrilled with them! They "play it right down...
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Horrid QC & Customer service


Pros: Sound quality

Cons: Build quality, quality control, warranty, customer service

Sound is on par with Shure products at similar prices. (I prefer the Shure sound but their latest offerings aren't too comfortable in my ears). So that's a glowing review on the audio from me. But the Re-600 formed a short near the headphone jack real quick, then cable started pushing itself out of the fabric jacket in another spot (I take good care & don't abuse headphones). The company was quite rude to me & did not honor the warranty due to some weird fine print. Inexcusable, I will never consider another product from this company. They brought no joy to my life.

More Reviews


The Lap of Luxury


Pros: Exceptional sound quality, Incredibly versatile, Very comfortable, Large number of accessories,

Cons: Expensive, Might not be airy enough for some, The RE-400 exists

  Thanks to the folks at HiFiMan for sending me a sample of their latest IEM to review.   Well, let’s get right to it. This is HiFiMan’s in ear monitor flagship, the RE-600 “Songbird”. Replacing the previous flagships, the RE-262 and RE-272, the RE-600 has some big shoes to fill, and with a $399 price tag attached, higher than either of its predecessors, it’s certainly got its work cut out for it. So, does the RE-600 live up to its lofty expectations and earn its keep? Read on to find out.   Packaging I’ve been skipping this part of my reviews for a while as the packaging is rarely exceptional or interesting enough to warrant a mention but in this case, I’ll make an...
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Fantastic IEM for voice and live music


Pros: Incredible vocal authority and surgical imaging and detail retrieval that ranks up there with any IEM

Cons: Definitely not neutral, rolled off FR on both ends - no sparkle and no slam; Build quality is horrific for an item that was previously $400 MSRP

The midrange of this IEM is truly, truly astounding. There is probably no other IEM that I've heard that presents so much microdetail of the midrange on a silver platter for the listener to eat up. Male and female vocals come through like someone is whispering in your ear. Unfortunately, the bass and treble are really rolled off and don't present music in an even-handed manner overall. It's a good example of a specialized IEM. Much in the way there are many audio products out there to provide "XXXTraBASS" and similar marketing tactics, this is a pure and supremely enjoyable IEM for vocals, piano, strings, guitar, etc. However, you will find them quite lacking for electronic, rap, pop,...
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RE-600S are very good!


Pros: Flat frequency respose, not agressive, detailed and natural sounding.

Cons: Not enough deep bass and air. Fancy package not useful.

I bought the S version that has standard 3.5mm TRS unbalanced plug. I didn't want to use the balanced-to-unbalanced adaptor that comes with the non-S version because my players would not have balanced output I thought it was a problem less and avoids more connectors deteriorating the signal path.   First impression when receiving the box is that it is fancy looking with leather and mirror, but on second thought not very practical. Stored the box and will never look at it again, so what for? I would rather save ~$50 off the price. Comes with various tips and I used the one that came pre-installed (small bi-flange), which suits me fine. Also the tips come in the box within holes...
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Rich sound!


Pros: Great dynamics, punchy, very good bass, good midrange, smooth highs

Cons: too much energy in high mids !

Amp: Metric Halo ULN-8   compared with my Sennheiser HD800 and Ultrasone ED10 (the re600 really can be compared with some good full size headphones), the RE-600 is not that revealing in the midrange and not that fast, but still rich and punchy with clear midrange.   Stage: HD800 has very good stage reproduction. (yes we all know that) But when you listen to big orchestra (like Mahler, Wagner) you hear an exaggerated instrument separation and a huge (... again exaggerated) room (not a fair comparison but : compared with my studio monitors PSI A21-m)   ED10 is for me the best in this department. But RE-600 is also 3D! Stage is not big, but is there.  ...
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