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HiFiMAN RE-400 Reviews

Positive Reviews


RE-400 Waterline: Audiophile kill, Budget bullet.


Pros: Magical mids. Warm lilt in the neutral sig. Fast, accurate and punchy mid-bass. Extremely comfortable. Easily driven,

Cons: Sub-bass presence is low. Treble might be too smooth for some. Isolation is average

Packaging and build:  The packaging is minimal and exquisitely so. The extra tips filters and manual are behind the felt coated foam holding the earphones. As I gingerly dislodged them from the grooves, I was struck by how tiny they are. I always try to avoid gripping the strain relief as a precaution, but it was difficult considering the size. The shiny bead blasted aluminium back goes well with the brushed aluminium housing. Which brings me to the build. This is the most common qualm people have reported. The plug is beefy, the y split seems sturdy enough. However, I noticed that some free movement of the cable is possible at the entry point of the strain relief. As long as...
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Great all-round IEM for a great price


Pros: smooth sound, good detail retrieval, forward midrange, tight bass, extended smooth highs, excellent imaging and separation, decent soundstage width

Cons: bass a bit soft in punch at times, initial build quality

HiFiMAN RE-400 Waterline - Ultimate Review w/ pictures   1)Equipment and cabling   a)Headphones   HiFiMAN RE-400 Waterline   Type: Closed, tiny, in-ear, dynamic driver monitor Frequency response: 15 - 22.000 Hz Impedance: 32 Ω (may vary by up to 10%) Efficiency: 102 dB Weight: 16 g (with cable)     This was my first in-ear-monitor purchase. Also the very first IEM made by HiFiMAN. Their cheapest headphone yet, priced at 100 USD. How will these compare? They share the general HiFiMAN house sound and neutrality and offer good build quality as well. There is a dedicated RE-400 review below...
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Negative Reviews

Apex Eight

HiFiMAN RE-400 Review

*REVIEW UNDER CONSTRUCTION* 4/12/15 - I've deleted my entire review and will be completely revising/rewriting it.    Pictures:      

Mediocre IEMs for a mediocre price


Pros: Excellent mids, decent price

Cons: bad sibilance, comically weak bass, unattractive, poor build quality, not very comfortable, microphonics

I bought these in early May based on nearly unanimous recommendation from people on a bunch of websites, and I must say they don't live up to their reputation. Some of the common things people pointed out were that they are excellent for the price, they have great mids, and they have bad build quality, the bass could be better, and that they are great for all genres. Most of these points definitely stand up, I don't think I have ever heard better mids in my life, they are fairly cheap, but to me they have nothing else going for them. The bass isn't just leaving more to desired, it is so bad it makes some genres hard to listen to, it is almost comically weak, more like a tickle than a...
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More Reviews


Good to have, but felt held back


Pros: Neutral, good to have, 45 degree plug

Cons: Neutral, could use a bit more bass, Microphonics

Build / Fit They are much smaller than I expected. The aluminum casing is nothing too special, it looks very clean, and simple. The wires above the split are very thin with a feel like they could break easily if you use then regularly on the go. But, below the split is a very nice cloth cable that leads into a 45 degree plug. The fit seemed very loose, even with the comply tips.   Sound Neutral with a very slight rise in a bass. For the price, even for the $99 MSRP, they are incredible. The detail and sound stage are as good or better than some full sized headphones I've listen to. IMO the bass could use just a bit more impact?, not too much though. The Highs were just great,...
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Best $99 IEM ever!


Pros: Exceptional tonal balance and clarity, not boring or overly bright, build quality, comfort

Cons: Sound is not for the bassheads, cable feels a bit delicate but it's probably nothing to worry about

        HiFiMAN needs no introduction around here, so I'll simply share my opinion briefly. In my mind, not only are they one of the premier manufacturers of headphones and related gear, but - and this is possibly more important - they deserve a lot of credit for helping advance the headphone industry in general. Of course, they aren't alone in this category. Plenty of others have done amazing things over the last few years. But I can't think of anyone who even approaches the broad portfolio of HiFiMAN. They have gear competing for best-in-class in a variety of categories - their HE series of planar magnetic headphones, their RE series of IEMs, their EF...
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HifiMAN's Magnum Opus


Pros: Balanced yet slightly warm and sweet, beautiful and realistic mids, price

Cons: Lack of sub-bass and a tad sparkle, microphonics

After I bought the HD 598s, I was soon looking for a portable set of headphones or IEMs for casual use on the bus or outside. Sure enough, I found the lauded HifiMAN RE-400 to be an interesting option and even with concerns of durability and the possibility that a neutral sound signature wasn't for me, I bit the bullet. Were they worth it?    Comfort, Design and Accessories:   I found the RE-400's to be well-designed overall, featuring a rather large plug and a cable comprised of both cloth and rubber. The drivers and the casings surrounding the drivers are rather small, which is a definite plus for portability. They also come with a wide array of tips and a rather...
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Setting an example for everyone


Pros: price. neutrality.

Cons: bass may be lacking for some

VIDEO REVIEW ALL REVIEW ARE DONE @ SOULSIKREVIEWS.COM and more insightful review can be found on our site. INTRODUCTION If you are on a budget then you are in for some good luck because Hifiman re400 might be just for you. Hifiman claims this IEM to be the “waterline” IEM, which means, not only them but the industry should be doing THIS with 99 dollars. Bit of a big claim? But I must say, they deserve the big talk. The re400 is not only small and compact but brings you quality that you would see in much higher end IEMs. DISCLAIMER The Hifiman re400 was sent me for a review by audioexcellence, a audiophile store in Canada. As usual, my reviews are not bias in any way. ABOUT...
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Smooth and well balanced IEM's


Pros: Delicate and trully musical, timbres, fatigueless

Cons: Very slightly warm sounding, not as spacious as other's

I am only listening to acoustic music, So I had no issue with the amount of bass (only plugged to my FIIO X5II, Flac, APE, Highres and DSD files). Even though they are not as tight as on my Shure's Se425 they are well balanced with the rest of the spectrum. Slightly on the warm side but perfectly balanced, not in the face , musical, smooth apart from a little peak on the high mids, they have an amazing respect for the timbres, which is for me the main point. The relative lack of definition participate to how "liquid" the music is just like in concert. Everything is integrated in a delightfull way, not much sticks out. On some tracks I was expecting a little bit more dynamics but I have...
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These sound better than $500 IEMs


Pros: Smooth neutral sound, amazing soundstage, very detailed yet not fatiguing at all.

Cons: Supplied ear tips may not get a comfortable seal.

Where do I start? These honestly sound like the HD600/650 in IEM form. My previous go to IEM was the Klipsch X10 ($100), followed by the Klipsch X20i ($539). What is amazing, is that the RE-400 sound smoother, are more realistic, have better treble extension, AND have better soundstage than the X20i. And these cost just $79! I am continually impressed by these the more I listen to them. They seem to work with every genre too. For classical, they bring out every instrument texture to make them sound realistic. For pop and EDM, they have decent impact and sub bass extension, but are not for bassheads. I would describe them as neutral, and very slightly warm. Some may say they don't have...
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Easy to recommend


Pros: Good balanced sound, Solid build, Comfortable

Cons: No in-line controls

Source: Macbook 12 with Audioquest DragonFly v1.2   Comfort and Construction:   Overall the comfort level was good to me for an in-ear monitor. The key is to correctly size the inserts. Cord length is good for this type of ear monitor. Ended into a 1/4” plug with a 45 degree angl. For use on an iPhone or iPod, this may be a slight distraction. The cord is sturdy. Seemed to have good thickness without being too thick. There are no controls on the cord. This could be a deal-breaker for some.   Sound:   Overall, the RE-400 has a good sound. The highs are crisp and detailed. The mids are solid. It does lack base, but most in-ear monitors will be the same. Isolation...
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Excellent at any price


Pros: flat frequency response, excellent timbre, quick, very clean decay, inexpensive, comfortable, discrete fit, impact, not BA, responds well to EQ

Cons: benefits from EQ, not much high treble extension

A bit of background: [[SPOILER]]  Now to my review:I think my demo of the HifiMan RE-400 was one of the fastest purchasing decisions I have made.  Compared to the other in ears I was testing, they just sounded so "right" with a flat midrange and such natural timbres!  I have had other similarly quick demos but those mostly involve me ripping headphones off my head because of how badly coloured they are, but that is another story.  RE-400's were clearly the most faithful earphones I had heard that day regardless of price (I had listened some earphones costing 20x the price of RE-400!) Anyway I think it is customary to break reviews down into sections, maybe BASS, MIDS, TREBLE etc. so I...
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Ruined by lack of bass response


Pros: Beautiful midrange, tonality, no sibilance, smooth, mellow treble

Cons: Severely lacking in bass response, build quality, narrow soundstage, lack clarity

Unfortunately, I find these to be the most overrated iems going on the market at present. Anybody who claims that these have sufficient bass response are just deluding themselves, or others. They are extremely bass shy, to the point where it just ruins the music. I also own the Trinity Deltas, Vsonics vsd3s, and senns cx-300ii; and the Hd-600s and Fidelio x1 for full sized cans. Even next to the hd-600 which is hardly 'bassy' is not lacking in this department, while the re-400s are just deflated there. Such a shame. The midrange is lush and smooth, and the treble is just right. The soundstage is very narrow, however, and the presentation lacks clarity and transparency. Also, the build...
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Sound is worth $300, build quality is worth $20


Pros: Absolutely heavenly sound. Unbeatable at this price point

Cons: Build quality on my unit is a joke. Cable is falling apart 2 days in.

***This is a tl;dr: review. please refer to other reviews for a more in-depth analysis on their amazing sound.*** For $100, you simply won't be getting anything better sound-wise than these cans, and a lot of happy owners will back me on this one. The mids are heavenly, the treble is smooth yet detailed, and the bass is tight and accurate. However, don't buy them just yet. The build quality is not up to scratch. In fact, when I asked the saleslady for these cans, she immediately suggested that I get it recabled from the get go. How I wish I took her advice. Barely 48 hours in and the cable on the right earpiece is fraying, just below the strain relief. The copper has gotten exposed, and...
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