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Quite the experience

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-6 Planar Headphone

HiFiMAN HE-6 Planar Headphone

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Pros: lets you relisten to music for the first time

Cons: there is a noticeable lack of center soundstage

This will be a very detail-lacking review of these headphones. Whe life becomes a bit more relaxed I would like to sit downand write the proper review that these truly amazing headphones deserve. For now, i'll say that these are the perfect headphones for the analytical listener, someone that appreciates details and clarity of their trebels. They make the music feel so life like. I listen to a lot of classical and found sever nuances that I had never before heard in several recordings (examples to be provided in a complete review). Orchestral suites have new life and string quartets sound intimate. Even rock is reproduced very well with the bass range faithfully reproduced, without it being overdone. Stringed instruments and acoustic guitars sound tearfully accurate. Now to the shortfalls. There is a lack of a centerstage sound reproduction. I do have to add that with some recordings there an excellent rpresentation of a full soundstage. I guess that soundstage reproductions is heavily dependent on the recording. The headphones are an analytical listeners dream, so much so that I found myself listening to the background instruments and nuances more than the vocals. Recordings are presented for what they are, good or bad. This review is a reflection of my opinions.



UPDATE (3-22-2012) : I have had to replace the headphone cables due to oxidation back in January of 2012. I am having the same problem again with the replacement cables, just three months down the line. I would highly advise purchasers to get a good set of Headphone cables for the HE-6.


IMO the lack of center soundstage is due to the flat eapads. Other angled earpads can easily be modified to fit the HE-6 and bring the center soundstage to the level of the other flagships, as well as improving soundstage size (in the case of Audez'e pads!) For reference I find Audez'e vegan pads produce the best results.
That's quite a good point you made there drez. I was thinking of making some custom angled earpads. Time has yet to decide if I can complete this project. Thanks for the observation.
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