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HiFiMAN HE-6 Planar Headphone Reviews

Happy Camper

Best value in headphones today.


Pros: Best headphones short of top end stats. IMO

Cons: Not really headphones but as mentioned, head speakers.

I have been in search of a headphone that could give me the details and dynamic range of an electrostat with the tonal weight of a reference dynamic. The previous system was a K701 with a Singlepower Extreme. It gave me a pretty good sound but I felt the sound was still inferior to electrostats and bass was lacking compared to other mid fi dynamics.   Last year a headfier introduced us to the HE-5 at the same time as the HD800 and PS1000. While I liked the similarities to the K701, the HD800 still felt a bit thin in presentation. The PS1000 had a bit more sonic weight and I liked them as well. Then I tried the HE-5. I first heard it on the first HiFiMan amp and it sounded ok...
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Another top-tier Planar headphone


Pros: Outstanding sound at a price that is very attractive in the realm of high end headphones

Cons: Requires a very powerful partnering amp to get the best out of them.

Now that I have spent time comparing the HE-6, LCD-2, Edition 10, T1, and HD800, I thought the time was right to put down a few thoughts on the HE-6, which are, when properly amped, a TERRIFIC headphone.     The HE-6 have incredibly transparency, and a very wide-bandwidth delivery that is remarkably even and smooth.  While they have just a slightly lively treble, this is more an elevation overall than a single peak, and their treble performance sets them apart from the HD800 and Edition 10, which have more issues in the treble.  The bass is just slightly less in weight and quality than the LCD-2, but nonetheless outstanding.  And the mids are just...
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Properly Driven -- Hard to Beat!


Pros: Immersive Sound, Great Articulation, Effortless Presentation, non-Fatiguing Sound

Cons: Slightly Heavy for the Thin-of-Neck, Needs a Powerful Amp

Got a chance to listen to the HE-6s at the recent ChiUniFi meet in Chicago.  They were paired with a new Ray Samuels amp (due out in Dec) and the combo was nothing short of jaw dropping! Properly driven, the HE-6s had incredible presence and imaging.  Standing there, eyes closed, I could place the intsruments and vocals in space around me and the sense of being immersed in the music was unlike any I have experienced. The sound was natural and effortless with excellent articulation, but no grain or harshness in the upper mid and treble areas -- something I find fatiguing in other headphones.  At this same meet were hi-end Stax, Grado, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser cans; yet...
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HiFiMAN HE-6 Ultimate Review Write-Up


Pros: natural, neutral, coherent, transparent, price/performance ratio, removable cable and cups, comfort

Cons: fragile, few design flaws

Hi guys! This will be my 2nd review. You can read the first one, which was focused on the Ultrasone Pro 900 here- http://www.head-fi.org/t/635686/ultrasone-pro-900-reviewHope ya'll all like it :) SPOILER - this one will be a little less critical. My rant is contained within the 1st review :) So here comes  my most complete review write-up yet: Please let me start with a proper introduction this time  [[SPOILER]]  Table of contents: 0)Prologue 1)Equipment 2)Unboxing 3)Build quality and design 4)First impressions 5)Sound characteristics 6)Gaming 7)Portability 8)Unique trait 9)Songs and genres 10)Value  11)Conclusion 12)More pictures 13)Special thanks 14)Epilogue  1)Equipment and...
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Top 3 candidate


Pros: Mids, Trebles

Cons: Price?

I (of course) agree with Skylab's review of these splendid 'ear-speakers'. I can also emphasize the power requirement in two words: "Speaker terminals".   I drive them from my 13W Ming Da integrated amp speaker terminals. Sublime. (I tried my Audio-gd Phoenix & LD Mk IV - just ok).   So highly recommended -if you have ample amps on tap.

Quite the experience


Pros: lets you relisten to music for the first time

Cons: there is a noticeable lack of center soundstage

This will be a very detail-lacking review of these headphones. Whe life becomes a bit more relaxed I would like to sit downand write the proper review that these truly amazing headphones deserve. For now, i'll say that these are the perfect headphones for the analytical listener, someone that appreciates details and clarity of their trebels. They make the music feel so life like. I listen to a lot of classical and found sever nuances that I had never before heard in several recordings (examples to be provided in a complete review). Orchestral suites have new life and string quartets sound intimate. Even rock is reproduced very well with the bass range faithfully reproduced, without it...
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