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HiFiMAN HE-560 Reviews


My Constructive Thoughts on HE560 (finalized production)


Pros: Neutrality / Speed / Startling sense of realism / Ergonomics

Cons: Slightly aggressive / Past revisions / May be too lean to some

Without further a-do, I'll get right into it. (My HE560 thread has some preface words etc)       Build & Ergonomics   Cups   The finalized take on HE560 cups is a matte-plastic-and-veneer finish, with the body of the cup being plastic much similar to other Hifiman cans, but a Macassar ebony wood veneer wrapped around as largely a design accent.   To my knowledge, this was largely a compromising decision made so that cup reliability over the long term will stay stable. Solid teak wood used for early HE560 units suffered some visual/matching, milling, and cracking issues despite teak being one of the hardier lumbers to work with.   From a...
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Don't listen to this headphone - unless you have $899


Pros: Light, extremely comfortable planar magnetic headphone, amazing sound quality, cool looks

Cons: no accessories, wishing it would have tiny bit more bass

Hifiman HE-560 Review       Introduction Many thanks to samma3a.com for providing me with a Hifiman HE-560 to review.         Hifiman is a relatively young producer of audio gear. The company was started by Dr. Fang Bian in 2005 and started selling under the HiFiMAN brand since 2007. The company was founded in New York, USA, but moved the head quarter to Tianjin in China in 2011 where their two factories are located as well.   They design and manufacture high performance headphones, portable players and amplifiers. The HE-560 is the successor of the HE-500. HiFiMAN’s flagship headphone is the HE-6 and they offer as well the legendary...
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Excellent all-round headphone


Pros: Price/performance, well integrated bass-midrange-treble, excellent separation/imaging, realism/decay/timbre, air quantity,

Cons: build quality, slightly softer punch ,sheer soundstage size [planarmagnetic weakness]

HiFiMAN HE-400i and HE-560 review & comparison - w/ stock grilles and Focus pads   Disclaimer: The following review/comparison is my subjective assessment of the two headphones. The differences between the two are not night and day quantity-wise, but represent a difference I was able to hear. Both headphones are great sounding devices and this review and comparison should serve to highlight or point out the differences. If you have any questions or if you want to point something out, please do let me know. Hope you enjoy the read ^_^   Introduction - I received the HE-560 in early July and the 400i last Monday. When I wasn't doing critical listening or direct...
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An excellent, well balanced headphone that competes above it's asking price.


Pros: very holographic sound stage, tight deep bass, well extened life like, silky smooth highs, very comfortable.

Cons: bass can sound a little "thudish" at times, mids are not as well integrated as the he6 mids, can be a little sibilant at times.

This is a very impressive can for less than 1000.00! If this was a 1300-1500.00 can, I wouldn't say it was overpriced. Especially given what some of the audeze and hd800 cost. Now I wouldn't say it's better than those, but I will say it's on the same playing field with each one having strengths and weaknesses vs the other.   But I will directly compare them to my current favorite he6. At first listen, two things surprised me. One was how hard it was to drive them. Given some of the earlier impressions, I was expecting something that could easily be driven by most typical desktop amps. But my hifi m8(1.2 wpc) had a hard time trying to drive them. I could get it fairly loud with the...
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Pros: Excellent tonal balance and detail retrieval

Cons: Requires significant amplification to shine (much more than generally attested)

  HIFIMAN HE-560 ON TAP: A FIRST DAY REVIEW SAGA (HIFIMAN HE-560 TOUR IMPRESSIONS)     FIRST IMPRESSIONS   Wow ... what a big box! I was expecting a more economically packaged box, but once I open it, it seems justified considering all the goodies that are packed inside. Along with the box containing the headphones there are also two bags containing two sets of cables, two regular TRS cables and two 4-pin XLR cables with TRS extenders. These cables are fantastic especially when compared to the fare that Hifiman has offered in the past. They are easily complementary to the value of the headphones; boutique shoppers can always find something better but this is...
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A worthy successor to the HE500


Pros: Lightweight, fairly easy to drive, comfortable, neutral sound, fair pricing, good customer support from Hifiman

Cons: Slightly cheap/poor build quality and Q.C, short stock cable.

The HE560 is Hifiman's attempt at making a headphone between the HE500 & HE6, as of the time posting this review, there are two known versions of the HE560: the preorder version and production (rev 1 as I call it) version. The preorder version has numerous differences in build quality, but, they sound very similar. I've listed some photos below showing the build differences between the models. Just click on them to make them larger.   Preorder one says HE560, new one doesn't and is a bit less tall but deeper, both boxes had scratches and marks when I got them.     Preorder version has thinner foam and one cutout. New one has two separate foam cutouts, one for the...
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Very impressive planar


Pros: Top-notch lifelike sound; non-fatiguing yet dynamic and greatly engaging / Performs with any music genre / Most comfortable headphone I've worn yet

Cons: Might require modding as it may develop build-related rattling (more in review) / Odd connectors

[[SPOILER]]  Build Quality, Comfort, Accessories:The build and design of the HE-560 is suitable for the price point but not very solid and is both gorgeous as well as understated. The mesh grill looks particularly great. I like the look of the headband too, though not so much how the metal top-part of it looks on the head, well at least my head. I've seen how great HiFiman's headphones, including the HE-560 look on their female models after all or maybe that's just me looking at the women... The comfort is incredible, from the earpads to the headband, it feels very lightweight for a planar. It felt weightless vs my other headphones which are much lower priced with dynamic drivers. My...
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Great detailed headphone


Pros: mosty neutral, detailed, angled pads, no discomfort after long listening sessions

Cons: everyone can hear your music in other rooms

This is a really nice headphone. It comes with a rigid and solid stock cable and packaged in a wooden box with a sliding wood and metal lid. The amount of foam prevents damage from shipping well.   It is quite smooth and actually quite forgiving of recording flaws, especially high frequency noise. You won't hear noise in the recording too audibly. Yet the detail and timbre for the music is excellent and loud. So there is great musicality.   Thus it has reproduces some of the most realistic woodwinds and brass I have heard.   The bass is clear, not muddy at all. Neutral headphone, that reaches high but rolls off a bit on the high end. Relatively smooth rolloff with...
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Musical TOTL HP that sounds great across all genres


Pros: Excellent musical sound quality that works well for most if not all genres, outstanding tembre

Cons: Typical planer sound stage congestion and some treble brightness perhaps from lack of burn in

Disclaimer: This unit was part of a tour held by Justin at Headamp.com. As the second in the tour to hear these headphones, it likely was not properly burnt in. I thank Justin for giving me the chance to hear them and encourage anyone considering buying them to work with Justin. He is wonderful to work with in my experience providing excellent customer service.                           While I can say that the HE560 sounds awesome and is very much a TOTL HP, saying why is more of a challenge. What I can say that is unique to this TOTL HP is that it makes everything sound good and is not very particular to...
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