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On sound quality these are five stars, but build quality and awful wearing comfort given the price means they are not a good deal

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HiFiMAN HE-500

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bedlam inside
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Pros: The sound quality closely approaches the best Electrostatic Headphones

Cons: Hard to wear for more than 30 minutes, very poorly designed/assembled

Personally, they put in mind of the situation of Tantalus. I absolutely want the sound quality of these headphones, but I cannot stand to have them my head for more than a short period of time. So these are likely the most tantalising headphones out there and equally likely among the ones with the poorest comfort wearing them.

They are perfect for Audiophile Masochists and Fakirs seeking Nirvana in music. If you can detach your mind from your body so much that you do not feel the discomfort these bring with them, the music they play will take you to Nirvana. If you like Sound and Sadomasochism, you will positively lurv these headphones. If these headphones were a car, they would be an Alfa Romeo.

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