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Need a new headphone under a 1000..get this one

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-500

HiFiMAN HE-500

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Pros: Soundstage, warmth, velvet sound

Cons: Heavy, it moves on ur head while turning head

Am not a man of many words..but..i thought my he300 was good..but this one destoys everything in his path up until the 1000 Mark..they are that good..but pls..buy a powerfull amp..it will make u speechless of how it sounds..i am a believer now.concerning electro dynamics..ARE U? biggrin.gif

Here are some amps i can advice that are under the 800 mark.

Solid states/hybrids:
yulong sabre A18
Shiit mjolnir
Shiit lyr
Hifiman EF5

Darkvoice 337 with the right tubes(i owe one now..see my pics/avatar)
Lafigaro 339

Latest update: i have a comfort over headband thingie on his way..hope that will make the comfort better on my he500 tongue.gif


You are right!They need a powerful amp if you wanna hear what they are capable of.
i have he300 and itching for an upgrade. any ideas on what amp will synergize with he500?
Have the Audio GD Phoenix and it works well with the HE500 in balanced mode.Check out the threads "Best amp for HE500".
You paid $700 for headphones, wrote that, and you are asking if we believe...
Oh nice, I'm thinking of doing an EF-5 with me HE-500s until I can go for a better amp. And after I get my HE-5 I'll be going for balancing them along with my DT 880 600s <3
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