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Superb sound at an affordable price

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HiFiMAN HE-500

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Pros: Sound quality, Build quality, Overall balanced sound

Cons: Weight, but can be mitigated with added pad on the head band

Source: all lossless AIFF Files through ITunes, connected to DAC via asynchro usb2


Gear used: Schiit Bifrost with Uber upgrade, Schiit Valhalla amp, and Ampsandsound Se-84


This is my 2nd pair of quality headphones. 1st being the Sennheiser HD-650, 2nd being The HiFi Man HE500 obviously (hereafter referred to as the 500), 

Reading various threads around HeadFi started me thinking :confused:, about ortho's 2 in particular, the 500 and the Lcd2.2 my initial thoughts were to go with the Lcd2.2

They just seemed to have more praise mainly centered around the Bass presentation. My biggest concern besides paying for either was the weight there seems to be tons

of complaints about the weight


Up pops Underwood HiFi on a-gon selling the 500 and an email later they are at a price I cannot refuse. They ship the same day and 2 business days later they are in my hands,

Initial thoughts are packaged very well, In a nice box with accessories (I found the packaging MUCH better than the Sennheisers)  Look and feel like a very well made product and 

damn these things are heavy


On with the music, some of my favorite music is Acoustic with male vocals, Acoustic with female vocals, indie and classic rock, some jazz sprinkled in.  Straight out of the box I am impressed

The bass on these monsters is outstanding and the treble extension just trounces the 650 much more open with great detail retrieval, and organic voice absolutely no grain.

First session is 3 hours on my head and no issues with thee weight:L3000: I cannot help my self I am all over the place choosing random albums among 1500 album library. day 2 is basically a repeat of day 1 and still no issues with the weight. Enter day 3  and after about an hour i have a pain on top of my head, turns out the padding on the bar could be better. I took a 1/2" thick

piece of high density foam I had laying around and cut it out wrapped a piece of cloth around it to hold it in place pulled the cups out and now no bar, feels great. ( I believe my job requirement that I wear a hard hat 8 hours a day helped cope with the weight)


Visiting songs that I know to be sibilant proved the 500 can ease that pain, The 500 as also uncovered another layer of detail the senns could not. I will admit I am not a huge Jazz fan

I like some songs but on the whole I just don't enjoy the genre and typically a song or 2 is my limit. Enter the 500 and it is just so revealing and dynamic I find myself setting through

the whole album


I think the fact that I can set through an entire album is the highest praise I can throw at any headphone or speaker.  If you want a headphone with super bass and great high end extension with an

overall balanced sound, that adds a level of realism to vocals. This may be your cup of tea. It certainly deserves and audition :beerchug:


I am in the same position, LYR/HD600 looking for some air and texture
I was very hesitant to change the 650, I really liked them but the MANY glowing reviews about orthos kept me thinking.  Underwood gave me such a great deal delivered on a new pair with warranty I simply could not pass it up. His price on them new was better than used prices considering you get the warranty. I am so happy to have bought the 500. It is hard for me to say in words everything I hear
Lyr/Bifrost is great with the 500
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