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hmmm, changed my mind..hehe

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HiFiMAN HE-500

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Pros: The midrange!

Cons: heavy

I swapped the stock silver cable for a less microphonic and easier to manage OFC Zy-cable..


You've made a large statement of preference. I wish you would give us some more details as to what it is about the 500 that makes you like it so much.
I never managed to tame the treble on the HD-800 and I tried numerous valve and SS amps, and the mod as well. It had wonderful soundstaging that is for sure. The bass was good but not outstanding...
I think I have over-sensitive hearing and the HD-800 just did not do it for me , even with all its technical prowess...
The HE-500 is so much more pleasing to my ears...I love the midrange and the airiness...I seriuosly cannot find a fault with the sound...its only shortcoming is the weight.
Great. Thank you.
Guido, how is the OFC ZY-cable and where did you buy it?
I am getting a pair of 500s delivered today.
Thanks and happy listening.
ok, back to HD800 too now that I have a B.M.C. Puredac:)
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