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Excellent open cans for rock, jazz, acoustics and traditional music

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-400

HiFiMAN HE-400

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Pros: everything but in cons

Cons: a little miss mid high for female voice, too long stock cable

This is my first puchase of "audiophile level" headphones. I was looking for cans which can play "every genre" included traditional musics (gamelan from Bali & Java).

Purchasing done mainly based on internet review. It's a rather risky desicion for $400 for me :)


But, it's really whorted the price. I've burn the cans about 40 hours now, and they're getting smoother and more transparent. Especially for the highs. I use Marantz PM5004 amp and mostly FLAC file. They sound soo beautiful.


Jazz, rock, classic, acoustic, gamelan, bamboo music just so alive. I only miss a little from female voices. And suprisingly, even my rockboxed sansa clip plus can drive this cans beautifully :). Great.


Overall, this's excellent price/performance cans. And sound very fun. I need a shorter cable too :)


I am saving up money for these cans too, it is like a miracle even portable players can run them smootly :) glad you are happy with your 'phones mate.
How is it for gaming?
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