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He-400 Review

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-400

HiFiMAN HE-400

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Pros: Detailed, great soundstage, amazing seperation,

Cons: Build quality, presentation, vocals, lack personality

I still recall the day I placed my order for the He-400's, I waited with anticipation and days seemed to last an eternity. But the moment they arrived and I connected the dac to my computer, I was severely disappointed. Needless to say I listened to them for about 30 minutes before I put them back in the box and left them there. My father is also pretty passionate about audio and knew beforehand that I had ordered these headphones. When he asked about them I just told him I'm returning them, he was curious as to why so I hooked them up for him. He listened to them and looked at me and said why don't you like these?


They sound extremely clear and detailed. I explained to him that I was expecting them to sound incredible. That same day I processed my return but the company I bought them for offers a 60 day money back guarantee. So I decided I would give them another try and eventually the sound grew on me, and I began to appreciate the clarity and the separation of the instruments. The amount of detail I noticed subtle things in my music that I had never heard before and I had never experience sound stage this good.


However for the many great things that the He-400's do right they also have their flaws. My biggest gripes with these headphones for me personally were the build quality and the comfort. These headphones were probably the most uncomfortable pair of headphones I have ever owned. They are heavy and produce a lot of clamping pressure. In all honesty I could not use these headphones for more than 30 minutes before I started to feel strong discomfort. The other fault lies in build quality, in my opinion these headphones don’t look or feel like $400 dollar headphones.


I feel your pain (pun intended). I've experienced a similar situation with a few of my own headphones (though admittedly, not with any of the HiFiMans), and for me, comfort always takes precedence! Always! Hopefully in time, you'll acclimate to their clamping and weight, as was my case when I made the transition to full sized headphones. A relatively quick work-around, however, would be to place them over any object overnight (or whenever they're not in use), that will allow them to be stretched out overtime. You'd be surprised just how willing to headband is to conform. All the best!
I've heard that these do well at Hip-Hop/R&B. Is this true?
Would these do well in a dorm?
Yes, they are good with hip-hop mainly because they have really good bass not sure about R&B but they sound really good with pretty much everything. As for the dorm well it depends, they do leak a fairly large amount of sound to where a person about a foot away can clearly hear the music, so I guess it depends if your roommate is a heavy sleeper or not?
Dude get this:
It solves 50% of your headband comfort issues (everything related to uneven skull contact pressure), the other 50% issue is resolved by some gentle headband flexing. Just dab some elbow grease and get flexing, after 10 minutes working on that headband you will find the comfort improve exponentially.
I've always considered to buy that headband, but it looks cheap. Is it even real leather?
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