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Great Headphone

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-400

HiFiMAN HE-400

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Master Shake
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Pros: Detail, Speed, Bass, Overall Sound Quality

Cons: None Really, Comfort at first

This is my second mid to high end headphone. And it so far has really wowed me. Im just gonna start with the bass, its amazing. Its very deep and detailed with good impact and texture and its fast, im a bit of a basshead and these will bring the thunder without interfering with anything else. They dig just as deep as my dt770s with almost as much impact and they dont muddle up the mids. The highs have tonnes of detail and are sparkly, but i dont find them fatiguing at all. Mids sound very good on them as well, i really enjoy female vocals on them. Most of the music i listen to is electronic where bass and speed really matter, im running them through my schiit modi and magni, this is a very good combo. The magni gives these lots of juice which planars love. A lot of people say that the leather earpads need to be replaced with the velours. So when i purchased them i got the velours as well, and i found that the velours made the highs way to splashy and the bass slightly anemic. I also find the leathers are quite comfortable after being worn a while. Ive worn them for over 6 hours and havent had any discomfort. They are a bit heavy but i got used to it. Overall this is a wonderful headphone, and its bass can satisfy a basshead without a problem


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