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HiFiMAN HE-400

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Kon Peki
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Pros: Exceptional bass

Cons: Not the most neutral headphones, heavy

First things first, there is a simple trick that solves all the complaints about the cable connectors - simply rotate each 720 degrees counterclockwise to build up some torque before you screw each one on clockwise.  Since you only need to screw 540 degrees clockwise to fasten them, the extra twist remaining in the cable keeps them securely fastened without having to overtighten.


The build is nothing special.  Yes the R/L markings rub off.  Also the screw placement is oddly asymmetrical.  Materials are not luxurious, and comfort is just average (though comfortable enough that I can enjoy them for hours on end without distraction).  They are somewhat heavy.


Bass is incredible.  In this price range, I am unaware of any headphones with this kind of bass extension, impact, and natural sound.


High mids are a bit recessed (less so with the velour pads), yet the mids as a whole remain clear, detailed, and vocals show great depth.


Speed, transparency, imaging: all strong suits.


These headphones absolutely shine with jazz, rap, electronic, funk, rock, and pop.


Try listening to them with the Aune T1, it will blow your mind.
I feel like an idiot having not done your cable installation idea. Saw this review in the sidebar under "recent reviews", thanks for the tip!
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