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Best phone u can buy for the money it sells

A Review On: HiFiMAN HE-300

HiFiMAN HE-300

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Pros: For the price u wont get better phone

Cons: Comfort is a bit to get used to,and is. A bit dark sounding

Best phone u can buy bar none for the price


How about actually comparing it with other headphones in its price range, like the DT1350, or the SR325i, or the Q701? You can't just say things like that without backing up your claims.
I had the HE-300s before my Q701s. Both amped with a Fiio E10, the HEs sounded horribly veiled and dark to me. They were pretty unimpressive IMO, but they sounded like heaven with jazz.
I KNOW WHAT u mean...i had the he300 drivin directly from my cowon d2 and it was really horrible..i think it has to do with the amp ur using..with the 02 and the m-stage it sounds wonderfull..check the reviews all over the net..and u will read same thing...to be honest..with faster music he got a bit muddy..and with classical music.the presentation of the instrumens was not the best..but then again..its only 249 usd! u cant compare him to a he400 or better.
Comparing it to the 701s, it's just not that great, and costs more. The soundstage is small, it's slow, muddy, and so on. The E10 isn't an amazing amp, but it's definitely enough for the HE-300s, which are generally known as being pretty easy to drive. I was planning on getting an O2 soon, so maybe I'll have to try it out again, but I doubt it'll change that much.
Wow, you sure weren't kidding, hifimanrookie. I just received mine earlier today (revision 2, with the braided silver cable), and as far as the dynamic cans I've owned, these are easily among the best. I'm in full agreement with your statement: "Best phone u can buy bar none for the price." No argument there.
@lostmage I own he-300 rev.2 with e10 dac. It is definitely not a good source for them. And it is not enough for this headphones. Few days ago I had a chance to listen them with SMSL AD1955+ and ,,home made" tube amp. A lot of details and much bigger soundstage - fio e10 is not even close.
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