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HiFiMAN HE-300 Reviews


REVIEW: HiFiMan HE-300 headphones


Pros: Nice warm, lush sound at an attractive price

Cons: Will for sure be too warm and bassy for some

Introduction   Fang from HiFiMan asked me to review the HE-300 headphones.  I have been a big fan of HiFiMan’s planar magnetic headphones.  But the HE-300 are not planars – they are dynamic driver headphones.  While they look similar to the other HiFiMan headphones, their similarity is really only by look – they are MUCH lighter than the planar series.  They are also much more efficient – at 93 dB/1mW@ 1kHz efficiency, and 50 ohms impedance, they can be driven by just about anything (although of course a good quality amp is still going to yield the best results).   Structurally, they are identical to the other HiFiMan headphones:   ...
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Top-class product for $249


Pros: Build quality, Great bass, Smooth mids and treble, forgiving of poor quality recordings, incredible packaging, not demanding with amplification

Cons: Tight clamp for my head, somewhat stiff cable, pad locking system, lacks technicalities

Information :      Hifiman / Head-Direct was kind enough to give me a review sample of the HE-300. Please take note that the fact that this was given to me for free will not affect my bias for this review.   Equipment used :       Amplifiers : Onkyo TX-SR308 / iBasso T4 / Meier Porta Corda III       Sources : iPod classic (line out) / Samsung BD-D5300 / Meier Porta Corda III (USB DAC)      Other headphones used :  Grado SR325i   EDIT (1/1/2012) : I have a new amp / DAC, the Meier Porta Corda III with the USB DAC. I will put my impressions with the amp at the bottom of the "Sound"...
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Great warm and clear cans


Pros: Nicely balanced, accurate bass. Amazing mids. Unintrusive yet detailed highs.

Cons: Soundstage could be better. Clamping at first. Microphonics.

Introduction?   I got the HE-300 for $150 without knowing what I was really getting. I was on the verge of purchasing the HD 598 instead, but my life needed some unknowing excitement…I guess.   Packaging   A cardboard box. That’s all you need to know. The first revisions came with a wooden box that looked rather sexy, but HifiMAN has chosen against it for its second and third revision, instead giving you a silver cable that will make a sound if you even think about touching it. Don’t get me wrong, the cable has been very well regarded and it sounds great, but the microphonics are terrible.   Comfort and build quality   At first, horrendously clamping....
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The Crystal Clear HiFiMAN (REV.3)


Pros: Unreal Treble extension for the price , Great Clarity , Spectacular Construction , Price , Speed for a dynamic , Fantastic Air , Highly detailed

Cons: Recessed Bass , 3-8K spike (REV.3) , Poor driver placement - Bass rattling , Stock pads , no side adjustment , Microphonics (Cable Noise)

  The HE-300s are one solid dynamic HiFi headphone , like most HiFiMANs I have tried "Treble" is the focus , very clean clinical and articulate but at the same time its not metallic or plastic sounding , Dr Biang sure has impressed me , before I get on I have to preface some things    1) The HE-300 has many revisions , according to HiFiMAN they haven't changed the drivers but that seems to be false , REV-1 and 2 were supposed to be warm and fun sounding with nice bass extension , the REV-3 or the version I have is completely different from "FUN" sounding     2) The driver has some rattling issues at low notes , got a lot of BS from a thread I made ,...
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HifiMAN HE-300 review


Pros: Fantastic price/performance ratio

Cons: May be too laid back for some

Equipment: Ipod 160gb lossless files Ray Samuals Audo "The Hornet" amp Cans uses to compare signatures: Denon AH-D2000 - stock Sennheiser HD-650 - stock Let me start off with a special thanks to Fang from HifiMAN for letting me audition the HE-300's at home.  Fang sent these cans to our latest chicago headphone meet "Chiunifi 5" for everyone to check out.  He offered up the opportunity to take the 300's home for an extended audition if the person would write up a review.  I took him up on that offer.  Fang has always been a strong supporter of Head-Fi, as well as a constant figure at many local and national meets. There must me something I like about how...
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Willy 2 Streams

Extremely well made cans for the money


Pros: Build quality

Cons: Heavy, clamps too tightly...cables noisy (pick up and amplify any movement).

I bought these at less than half retail on a whim from Audio Advisor, looking to replace my aging Sennheiser HD 580's. Look at the picture...these are VERY NICELY made headphones! All aluminum components, with a steel headband, covered with leather...NICE! Replaceable headphone cables that screw into place. The literature that comes with them suggest 200 hr. break in, so I hooked them up to my Sony SACD player and put it on repeat...for a week.     Then I started to listen. To me, they were very close to my beloved HD 580's, sonically. Other folks say that these cans sound dark...well I guess the same is often said about the 580's. The difference between these and my 580's is,...
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[Impression] HifiMan HE300


Pros: Euphonic and easy going sound, Price, Packaging,

Cons: Warmish sound might not suit every genre.

First, I’ll like to thank HifiMan for the HE-300 sample. For the last couple of years, Fang @ HifiMan has brought a lot of attention to the company’s line of full size headphones by releasing some of the best planar magnetic headphone there ever are. However, the HE-300 is the company’s first entry to the full size dynamic headphone – perhaps a challenge Fang sat for himself to release a (*price wise) class leading dynamic headphone. If that’s his goal, I would say HE-300 is doing very well. Note: though never announced officially, the second batch (and onward) of HE-300 (*known also as the ‘rev2’) is tuned differently to the first batch and being considered better by most who had...
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Austin Morrow

HiFiMan HE-300: Orthodynamic? Nope (READ UPDATES)


Pros: See updates

Cons: See updates

  There are a lot of dynamic headphones around on the market, with a very small percent being shared by orthodynamic’s and electrostatics. HiFiMan’s mostly known for their orthodynamic headphones, like the HE-500 & the HE-6. But, what if HiFiMan were to make a dynamic headphone, one that could be directly compared to more popular headphones like the K702 & the HD650? Would they share the same sound signature, or would a new dynamic king arise from the shadows? Well, that’s exactly what we are here today to take a look at. The HE-300, the first headphone by HiFiMan to incorporate a dynamic driver. So, what does HiFiMan’s $300 entry level headphone sound like?  ...
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HE-300 review


Pros: very good mids, comfortable, perfect bass quantity

Cons: bass is not as tight

I have these for about two weeks now and I can hardly believe how these have changed during this time. Always when I get new headphones I listen with them and leave other headphones dusting. The only ones that didn't impress me when I got them were HD800. I know sounds odd but that's how it was. Anyway when I heard the HE-300 I said to myself these probably aren't for me as I got used to brighter sound signatures but I wanted something different, something closer to HD600 and from the past experiences I knew headphones need time to start working as they should and for my ears to get accustomed to their sound signature. I tried different amps, DACs and settled on the sightly...
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