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Hifiman EF2A Usb Headphone Amplifier Reviews

Positive Reviews


Fantastic Sounding Amp Given the Right Tubes Are Used


Pros: Pairs well with most dynamic headphones. Dynamic, clear, and powerful sounding. Sounds amazing with the right tubes. Basically noise free.

Cons: Tubes must be rolled to achieve best sound, the DAC isn't that good, minor channel balance issues at lower volumes, some minor sibilance issues

Hifiman EF2A Review Overview:This is my first headphone amp review and I'm just going to review the amp section of this headphone amp as the DAC is nothing special, a bit better than most computer or portable device DACs but is easily outclassed by any decent dedicated DAC or soundcard. I've had this amp for a while and I tried it with a variety of AKGs, Senns, Beyers, as well as a few other miscellaneous headphones. I fell in love with this amps sound from the get go and it was my first desktop amp. This is an amp I have owned twice, the first one died after a couple months of use but I later found it was a returned and defective unit and I was able to return it for a full...
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Negative Reviews


with the EF2A, you get what you pay for


Pros: small, cheap, attractive, seems sturdy

Cons: too much gain, too little power, average sounding dac

i bought the ef2a as a dac/amp for my work rig, hoping it would represent a nice step up from the portable dac/amp i was using at the time - the ibasso d4.   immediately out of the box, i was struck by its looks.  its an attractive little unit.   however, after a couple weeks of use, the dac/amp really started revealing its weaknesses.    first, the dac section of this unit is nothing special.  comparing it with the d4, the d4 is superior, providing more instrument separation, more clarity, and less congestion in the lower mids and upper bass.    and so i kept the d4 in the chain, and decided to use the ef2a as an amp only.  but, the amp section has problems as well. ...
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More Reviews


very good for the money


Pros: cheap, good sound

Cons: no hi/lo gain, maybe a little too much treble

Sorry if my english is not so good. I bought this several days ago  (200 euro) so I cannot post an opinion about durability.  I use this dac/amp just on  pc for everyday use: movies, voice, games, music, around 14-20 hours and I can say it's ok. Looks well built, not heavy and not really hot. The ac adapter is a regular one, kind of big and unfortunately it came with US plug (the store Stereoplanet/Bucharest/Romania didn't tell me so it's a minus for them. When I called them, they try to sell me an 80 euro power adapter, telling me that it will sound better). No big deal, but annoying when you arrive at home and see that you cannot use the product. Luckily I have an...
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Here, here.


Pros: Looks great, price, seems durable, Burr-Brown PCM2702 DAC

Cons: Sound, volume, sound

Yeah, I agree with The Wuss.  I am rather new to the headphone amp universe.  So, don't choose to (or not to) buy baseed on my review alone.    I listening to the HiFiMAN EF2A through my Grados and a pair of Sony Studio Monitors I use for live music mixing.  The Sonys were instantly revealed as crap for critical listening.  The Grados came to life and quickly taught me what the term "muddy" was all about.  This amp reproduces the upper lows through the lower mids as though they are on top of each other.  These frequencies are fuzzy and sound as if the phones are being asked to play too loud without enough wattage, even at very...
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