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Headstage Arrow 12HE Reviews


The Arrow 12HE 3G: 9/10!

  The GOOD: -- Size: very small and pairs well with a J3, iTouch, Sony X-Series, iPod Classic or similar device. -- Battery life: as said before, simply amazing! -- Construction: very solid and well built.  Great switches, with a firm feel and nice "click" to them -- Form Factor: Second to NONE!  All of the inputs, outputs and switches are perfectly placed. -- Weight: surprisingly very light.  This kind of caught me off guard. -- Sound: The good stuff...    1.  Bass: Great (setting "2" can be a little bloated on bass-heavy tracks)    2.  Mids: Realistic and clear    3.  Highs:  Also realistic...
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A tiny package, capable of big things!

First Impression: I had absolutely no idea what to expect with the Headstage Arrow 3G, being that this is my very frist amp, period! Since I've never tested, nor have come to own any amp prior to this once, I feel it's in my favor since my view is entirely unbiased. First off, this thing is TINY! It's extremely slim, equivalent to a stack of 5 credit cards! That's about as portable as anyone could ask for. Accessories included with a mini USB to USB charging cable, and a screw driver in case I ever decide to void my warranty.   There are quite a number of possible configurations, so rather than covering each one individually, I'll combine whichever settings I feel deliver the...
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Arrow HE 4G - Tiny Amp / Fantastic Amplification


Pros: Form factor, battery life, flat SQ, auto on/off, hardware EQ, dual headphone out

Cons: Didn't notice much effect from the crossfeed, imbalance on volume pot at very low level, not suitable for very sensitive IEMs

       First up - I am unabashed fan of this tiny amplifier.  I think that it's features are quite simply amazing given the form factor.   Sadly - I'm actually moving on from it - as I find that I'm using it less with my harder to drive cans now (for most of my portable use - I now simply use my IEMs).  However I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this little amp to anyone.   Preamble - a bit about me At the time of writing, I'm a 46 year old music lover.  I don't say audiophile - just love my music.  Over the last couple of years, I have slowly changed from cheaper listening set-ups to my current entry/mid-fi set-up.  I...
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Very portable amp


Pros: ultra thin, fit with iPod classic and ipod touch, switches of gain, bass etc

Cons: long waiting time

Best amp in this price and the size is very attractive.

Best leap from fioo e11


Pros: good sound,you can colour the sound the way you like

Cons: availability,Price

Hi first i should say that im not a good reviewer.So here we go!   first i just bought the arrow 4g 5 hours ago.And burn for 3 hours. i should say the sound is very good you can make it flat or colour it the way you like.   the gear that i use: shure se535,the arrow,and fiio    Built quality very sturdy and strong.Small but powerfull. the casing is matt black with 2     the bass punchy,tight, there are 3 level of bass.Personally i choose 1,but sometimes 3,   the treble not to brigt.Sound separation is good.   the mids listening to queen.freddies voice sounds rich un tempered     well that...
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Changes to Headstage Arrow 4G


Pros: Won't believe how many features it packs into one amp!

Cons: There is more interference from phones compared to Fiio

There are plenty of other reviews on the details of this amp. Will just mention features that people may not be aware of and changes to the 4G for those who had more questions about this amp.   Side note, the amp is $299 with shipping and taxes included. I paid extra because they had no stock at the time.     Changes:    -No more impedance button (useless function as the power draw automatically adjusts to the cans being used) -Now has treble boost with two settings.  -Bass boost has been reduced from +9dB and +9dB+9dB on pre-4G models to +3dB and +9dB -Amp now has double battery life (30 hours for high impedance and 80 hours for low...
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My Little Arrow


Pros: Neutral, transparent, perfect design

Cons: nothing yet

  The Arrow has that plenty of power to drive all headphones, and now the bass roll off disappeared from my Colorfly CK4:)   They have completely right at the headfonia: The sound almost neutral, the tonal balance leans to the dark side. More focus on the lower end, and smoothes a bit the gleaming highs. The rest is characterized by good presence and spacious sound stage. For me this is not bad at all. Not taking anything away from the music, just fix things and add some more options too. The size, functions, design just perfect. Price is unbeatable.   But this is only after a first 1 hour...(My Arrow is a refurbished one)   Maybe the...
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valuable amp

portable and have more option, especially change the button like bass, gain and imp, opamp sounds quality under 12v, nice design for the two headphone output and two input

100% recommended


Pros: Sound Qualiy,Fully Customizable Sound, Portability.

Cons: Wating Time..

Headstage Arrow 12HE is an excellent product, offers an unmatched sound quality at a very low price. It is an amplifier that can shape your sound depending on our phones. In terms of portability is one of the best, only beaten by iBasso T-series. I use the Arrow with a TF10, and I tell you it is a great combination. Apart from the waiting time (from May 16 till now) I am totally satisfied with your purchase, 100% recommended!

Headstage Arrow 12HE


Pros: Overall sound quality, features, power to drive most anything

Cons: None

This little beast of an amp is great. The sound is very neutral, yet full of power. The ability to adjust bass boost, gain, impedance, and crossfeed make it an excellent amp to use with any DAP, including iPod stuff (with their lack of user EQ). Mids are wonderful on this amp, being nicely full, center stage, and very present.    I can't think of a better option currently for a portable which is so versatile to be able to be used with any DAP.    I'm looking forward to seeing what Robert is up to next. 
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