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HeadAmp pico Slim Portable Amp Reviews


Amazing sound and build


Pros: Tiny, excellent build quality, custom leather case, digital volume control

Justin and HeadAmp have done it again. The Pico Slim sounds awesome, and the amp is tiny tiny tiny. I love the digital volume control. The build quality is solid. Did I already say that it's tiny? Custom leather carrying case is an awesome touch for the anal bunch. Sound is very balanced and open.

so new, hard to write a review on it


Pros: extremely small but amazing sq. volume control is excellent

Cons: not for full sized HP

I received #66; it is a great sounding little amp with great build quality as normal with Justin's work.  The volume adjustment is very accurate and provides precise control.   Battery life is excellent as well.   Unfortunately it's designed for IEMs and it demonstrates why I need to replace the SE530s with something with better low and top end.   Picked up a Nano and twag dock; the combination is very small and it does a very good job.   Update: I ended up selling the Slim as I decided I didn't want to go down the J13 route.  I'm not a big fan of IEMs to begin with and I'd take a beating if I didn't have a good fitting pair so it wasn't worth the...
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The remarkably small and well-built Pico Slim does a fantastic job with sensitive custom IEMs.


Pros: Tiny, excellent build quality, volume control is excellent, sound is grain-free, charges off USB and the battery life is long.

Cons: Not suited to cables with large plugs. Designed for IEMs only.

  As if portable amps didn't have enough limitations to begin with, using them with sensitive custom IEMs could introduce a number of problems. First was that they require a very low gain, they would draw out hiss out of even good amps and amps that use regular volume pots often have channel imbalance. Portable amps are also bulky. So it was that Justin at HeadAmp came up with the Pico Slim, which addresses all of these problems.          As the Jerry Harvey JH-13s were becoming popular, they ran into all of the above-mentioned problems, which anyone with multiple-driver IEMs are likely to have encountered at some stage, so the Pico Slim is fitted...
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Very small amp


Pros: very small, sound clear

Cons: peak at powering on

Only for IEMs, very small, long battery life. Using it with iPod Touch 5th and w4R.

Headamp Pico Slim


Pros: Digital Volume Control! size, battery life, sound quality and build quality of course!

Cons: Wow - Pricy!

First - I bought mine used - my complaint on price is based on new price of $400, though I guess it holds value...   OK, that's out of the way.  Justin at Headamp builds some of the highest quality hardware I have ever held in my hands - truly beautiful.   Sound quality is outstanding - close to wire with gain as I've heard.  I have yet to run the battery down before I get around to a recharge.   The volume control is second to none.  If you listen at low volume levels with sensitive headphones and iems, the Pico Slim is the best there is, and I've tried a few in my search.  It is literally indispensible to me.  If this last bit...
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