The Pico Power is one of the best all-round portable amps available, able to drive everything from IEMs to full-sized headphones well.

A Review On: HeadAmp Pico Power portable headphone amplifier

HeadAmp Pico Power portable headphone amplifier

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Beautiful pictures, Curra. This looks to be one of 'the ones' in the current crop of portable amps.
Thanks for the review, I read somewhere that performance varies with difference batteries, that is using lithium batteries might alter the sonic performance compared to alkalin (some how!).
Nice review! Sounds like it's reaching for the same market as the RSA SR71-A, in a smaller package. Duracell copper tops seem to carry the best power on my RSA, might be similar with the Pico.
Thanks for review.
Great review, thanks
Good review of a fine portable amp.
How do you think it compares to the RSA 71-a?
I've never had a 71-A here so I couldn't say, sorry. I've only had the 71B here and that sounded a touch warm. The Pico Power does an excellent job of sounding clear without any harshness.
Thanks! I have a 71-A which pairs very well with RWAK120-s. Would love to compare the 71-A with the PicoPower, but not sure it's worth the investment to do that. Thanks for your excellent review. Had I seen it before going the RSA route, I might have give stronger consideration to the Pico as a great single ended amp.
thanks, great review and straight to a point.
I might be able to borrow a Duet later on to do so. Generally the balanced portables are better at driving full-sized headphones, especially orthos. 
Very nice review thank you! should received mine tomorrow :)