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Disposable earphones

A Review On: HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones

HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Excellent sound quality/sound stage, relatively inexpensive

Cons: Bad microphonics, not loud enough without amp, KEEP BREAKING

I was totally enamoured with these earphones - they sound incredible and I couldn't believe how inexpensive they were when compared to competitors. With this in mind, I forgave the poor microphonics (i.e. noise from the cable hitting/rubbing against things) and need for an amp. The major issue is that the apparent build quality is far better than the actual build quality and they have a very high defect rate. On average, mine have been replaced every 6 months. I have treated them carefully and have a separate pair of cheap earphones for when I'm doing things which are likely to put a strain on them (e.g. running/gym). When they're replaced it is apparent that you do not get a new pair, you get a refurbished pair. They have now refused to replace my faulty earphones as their warranty period applies from the original date of purchase. So basically, it doesn't matter if they send you defective replacements. One of my mates who bought these on my recommendation has also returned his twice. They have offered to repair for about $30, but I expect them to go wrong again therefore have declined. I would suggest that they bump up the build quality and increase the price.


It's too bad about the RE0. It's great-sounding, but I cannot think of one owner who has not had their break on them.
You just have to glue them back together. I am in the process of putting on a new plug end too. It truly is too bad they don't last as after you get used to the SQ. They are amazing!
Mine lasted only 3 months. I agree they have very good sound quality. I like it better than my Etymotic HF5. But the build quality is Zero. The left side earphone just died. I contact a technician and open the phone to find out that the speaker died and cant be fixed. I still used(sometimes) the right side earphone but to my surprise it died as well.
BEST SOUND QUALITY, ZERO BUILD QUALITY. Indeed a disposable earphones.
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