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HEAD-DIRECT RE0 In-ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


The Cure for Upgraditis


Pros: too many to list

Cons: bass impact

I'm not great at writing reviews, but I'm bored right now and I thought I'd take the time to "honor" the RE0's. I've bought/sold/heard many IEM's in the past, stuff like: IE8, W3, PFE, SE530, TF10, X10 etc. Before the RE0's went on that $99 sale, I came to the conclusion that the W3's were the IEM's for me, X10 and SE530 came in a close second, but anyway, my point is, I was quite satisfied with the W3's until I decided to give the RE0's a shot. At first, I was really missing the bass of the W3's, the RE0's sounded a bit thin compared to them. I was disappointed but I didn't give up on them. I burned them in and kept listening. Eventually, whether it was my mind adjusting or my taste...
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The Best Value in Portable Audio


Pros: Clarity, Transparency, Neutrality, Treble extension, Bass Extension, Value for Money

Cons: Bass Impact, Bass Quantity, Somewhat "thin" sound

Introduction   I’ve already written a great deal on the RE0s but I don’t consider any of it a formal review in the traditional sense. If you’ve read my previous writing about the RE0s, you should know that I am positively enamored by them. In the few weeks since I received them, they have quickly become my preferred listening devices when I sit down with my laptop or iPod and listen to music. After putting them through their paces for 200+ hours and listening to the sound signature evolve and mature in that time, I finally feel that I’m ready to give the RE0s the review they deserve. So, without further ado, read on for my full review of the HiFiMan RE0 in ear...
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Hi-Fi Man Re0


Pros: Sound quality, range of tips, sound quality and sound quality

Cons: Shows up poor recordings and sources

These are easily the best earphones I've ever heard. They out-perform both of my older sets of cans. Admittedly, they're older headphones, but they're AKG and Sennheiser cans that were worth equivalent money or better than the Re0s so, to me, that's impressive!   The Head-Direct and Hi-Fi Man brands are one and the same so don't be thrown by the different references. If it says Re0, it's the same earphone regardless of which brand you read on the review.   The Re0s are a 9mm dynamic driver canal phone. They are a simple and plain design which belies their spectacular sound.   The specs don't really jump out:   9mm dynamic drivers with neodymium 64 Ohm...
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Negative Reviews


Good, untill they break


Pros: sound, price, size

Cons: shoddy craftsmanship

I really wish the RE0s lived up to their promise.  They do sound really good, but they are clearly the product of cost-cutting.  I bought a pair, and within a month, one of the buds was cutting out, and soon there after failed completely.  I had them RMA'd, and within 6 months, the replacements began to fail (the adhesive that keeps the speaker part glued in to the casing is failing or has failed on both buds).  I would have paid 50% more for these headphones and been happy if they stayed in one piece, but now, I wouldn't be happy if they had cost 50% of what I paid.   tl;dr great headphones crippled by terrible materials and quality control.

Terrible quality - stay away


Pros: Great sound

Cons: crap quality

I have rate these a half star for audio quality because they do not play sound anymore. There is a growing number of people who have experienced the terrible quality of these headphones. All of us have experienced the same: after a relatively short period one channel stops working. This is well documented in treads here on head-fi and on amazon.com that sells these headphones. As of this moment, the RE0's are rated #8 in the reviews. These phenomenal ratings reflect the fact that the RE0's sound fantastic when they work, however, this is not the full story. Buyers should BEWARE of the crap quality of these headphones.

Bad luck Wonderful sound


Pros: Sound, comfort, price

Cons: build quality

First pair quit working (left channel) in six months. The replacement lasted 4 months and died a similar death. I don't go anywhere with them and they were used primarily at home and treated with care. I didn't bother any further follow-up. Sound was impressive. I liked these a lot and sorry they're rather disposable.

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Great sound but not durable


Pros: Great sound, AMAZING for the price

Cons: Poor durability

You don't need another review about how good these sound. But I had two pairs, both of which lasted only a couple of months before one ear went dead. I was keeping them wrapped around my ipod in my bag but wasn't abusing them. So either I had shocking luck or these phones are a bit fragile.

Best $100 phone


Pros: On par with most $200+ iem and perform very well

Cons: Lack of bass, Micro-phonic

I had the Re0 since Late Feb and I  love it! I was hunting for a bargain at first and when I received mine I was like"meh" then after 50 hours the bass starts to kick in and mids is much warmer now after 200 hrs I ditched my full can(srh840) and removed the filter, much more sharper  but that is just me. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for the best item under $100 and if you dont like the original tips try the sony hybrid tips($10 at sonystyle).  Congratulation on the success and a big THANK YOU to HiFiMan for this exceptional earphone and I do suggest a less microphonic cable and maybe offer a wider color selection (Sorry I am baked :)

RE0 -- Can NOT be beat under $150


Pros: Details + smoothness

Cons: Small bass impact, body

The are SO many things the RE0 does amazing well.  Treble extension is crazy without any graininess or fatique.  Bass extension is also very low, but the bass body is probably too polite.  The bass decays too quickly to give a sense of bass warmth and body, and the bass impact is too tame.    But this bass response is from the RE0 unamped.  Suprisingly, a simple little $25 Fiio E5 with it's bass boost really improves the RE0 -- even more so than my $120 iBasso T3 (no bass boost on it).  The E5 gives a slight bass boost and a very slight treble cut (to help the sense of the bass boost) -- but the treble cut does no harm at all to the awesomeness of the treble response, extension and...
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Amazing Value


Pros: SQ, clarity, highs

Cons: Difficult to find the correct tip

I will just say that they are a bargain for a such price

The best $100 you can shell out


Pros: amaing sound for little cost

Cons: very very small iems

I've had these areound for a while and absolutely love them, IMO its the best $100 a headphone freak can spend. I was really happy with the bass response and they're practically weightless. 



Pros: Short burn in time, Full sounding, Small

Cons: Low end weak, sound isolation is not the greatest, rubber tips but no foam offered

Well I searched and searched everywhere I could to find a replacement for my Shure E2c's and with a little skepticism I went with the HiFi Re0s. I couldn't wait to try them out. I didn't really believe in the burn in time for buds but to my dismay these needed a few hours to really get the full body sound. I also had to replace the rubber tips with Comply foam from my local Radio Shack for a mere $15. So total I have spent $99 on these and I am happy to say I will be looking to purchase these again when need be. I was really worried I wouldn't find what I came to really enjoy from my E2c's. The E2c's had great bass and great sound isolation. The Re0 have a more full natural sound for...
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RE-0... nice, not expensive, they work


Pros: generally excellent sound quality, good value

Cons: none significant, bass is nice but very tight which may not suit everyone

I have bought RE-0 when I was looking for some portable headphones, but didn't want anything bigger than in-ear ones. I have searched for more expensive ones when I came to RE-0. The price was 99 USD, which was less that I planned to pay. Reviews were highly positive.Since I don't travel much, for me it looked like a good value for money.   Overall quality is very good. Soundwise, they are very detailed, perhaps too much ;-) I can hear things I have never heard before. Take it as you wish, I mean it in good way... Some might miss that familiar boomy bass. RE-0 bass is definitely present, but very tight, precise and clear. I don't mind that "flaw" (if you want to call it this way)....
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Great Detail, little bass


Pros: Highs, Mids, transparency

Cons: weak impact, can sound 'thin'

I really enjoyed the RE0 for a while, but the sound was lacking bass. This happened if  it was not driven properly out of the uDac or any other amp. Straight out of the iPod, there was something 'off' and it wasn't natural. The RE0 doesn't go particularly low. On the other hand, the highs are excellent. So are the mids.  For the current price, they are a must-have.

Hifiman RE0


Pros: Excellent clarity, good speed, excellent highs

Cons: lack of bass body, average isolation, long burn in time

I purchased RE0 after a lot of thought and research here in head-fi forums. At first I was puzzled by their sound. Having used only Sennheiser CX 300 before I found the sound to be too complex and the highs too pronounced. I had them playing virtually all day long (and night) for the first 3-4 days to burn them in as I knew that they require a long 150+ hours. I was also using them while burning them in to experience the differneces in the sound. The most notable difference was the bass, that really became more tight and clear. Bear in mind that I got used to such a sound signature about one, one and a half week after regular listening with them. Now the clarity is amazing, the highs...
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