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Outstanding, with/without considering the price.



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Pros: Natural reproduction, very smooth midrange, enough bass, detailed treble, extreme comfort.

Cons: Balanced plug.....Sound can be improved, but I can't demand more considering the price.

Well, I'm new to headphones, and definitely not an audiophile...not yet!(planning to become one)


Previously owned AT's A500 and M50, and this IEM just blew everything away and made me sell these full sized phones. Their performance was very good, but the RE-Zero surpasses those cans in terms of SQ, comfort, and isolation. 


Edit: That was my initial feeling when I got the phone. Now I miss the M50, but even if I get mine back, I don't think the M50 will get more love than my Zero out of me.


I do see some room for improvements, but this isn't even their flagship, so I can't really complain. The treble details can be a little more refined(although it is the best I've ever heard - A500, M50, Aurvana Air, TF10pro),(Edit : the source was the problem)some songs require a little more bass(amping solves the problem).


What I've felt other than SQ is that these phones are small, solid, and EXTREMELY comfortable. I do admit I must have had some luck with this, but I once wore them for 13 hours straight(of course with several 1 minute rest, and I know that this is harmful to my ears, I am regretting). I once fell asleep on bed while wearing these, and after waking up, it took almost 30 seconds to find out something was in my ear. It is that good.


Get it before it is sold out. A must-have if you have a Cowon S9 or a Cowon D2, since they are compatible with this balanced plug. 


Edit : Not that the Cowons are balanced output, I'm not sure about that. 


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